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The Scooter Coach is the perfect solution for Wheelchair & Scooter users to transport most any items they should ever need. The Scooter Coach has a 500 Pound capacity with a cargo space of 25" X 18" X 18", Whether going to the beach, out for a picnic, shopping at the mall or even at the grocery store, the Scooter Coach is a an excellent solution to many scooter or wheelchair users needs.

The Scooter Coach has a strong locking lid that prevents theft. Many Scooter Coach owners use it to lock their personal items such as a purse, coat, books, lap top, weather canopy and many other personal items.

The 10" X 4" solid rubber pneumatic tires give the Scooter Coach a smooth gentle ride when pulling with your Wheelchair or Scooter.

The Scooter Coach comes with all the hardware needed to easily attach to any Wheelchair or Scooter.

When a basket just is not nearly big enough The Scooter Coach is..! The Scooter Coach is the perfect size, as it is large enough for shopping, hauling or carrying your personal items yet small enough for making those sharp turns and fitting in small confined places.


The Scooter Coach is great for any size Scooter or Wheelchair whether it is a Lightweight Portable Scooter, a Large Heavy Duty Scooter or any size Power Wheelchair the hardware included makes it simple and easy to attach.
Every Scooter Coach includes a bright Red Flag that easily fits in one of the two rear brackets. There is a built in bracket on both the left and right rear of the Scooter Coach. This flag is to prevent people from mistakenly hitting the Scooter Coach when in public places. The Flag Stem is made of a strong bendable metal to prevent it from damage.
  The Lid for the Scooter Coach is made of a Heavy Duty Strong Bendable Mixed Material that will not buckle under even weight of over 200 pounds. The lid is also equipped with a strong anti theft lock, using a large deep key, making it very difficult for anyone to tamper with.

The Scooter Coach is also equipped with a rear reflector making it easer to see at night.

The photo to the left shows both built in rear flag brackets giving the user the choice to position the flag on there right or left.

Two Year Full Warrantee.

The Scooter Coach is mage and constructed out of the best material making it stand up to even the most rough and rugged use. This is why we can offer a Full Two Year Complete Warrantee on every single part, without any fine print. If it breaks its covered, its that simple.



The Handy Scooter Coach

The Handy Scooter Coach

Lock & Key:
Lock & Key

Safety Flag:
Safety Flag

Extended Two Year Warrantee:
Extended Two Year Warrantee

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