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Portable Folding Power All Terrain Sports Bath Bariatric




ShwerBuddy SB2T Tubbuddy with Tilt



The TubBuddy with Tilt is an ergonomic bathing transfer system which carries one special feature the original TubBuddy does not. The unit allows for safe and easy transfer over and out of the bath tub incorporating a tilt option. The tilt option allows the caregiver to relieve pressure for the patient while simultaneously making it easier to bathe the patient. The tilt option alleviates caregiver strain by allowing the patient to slide over the bath tub without having to lift their legs.


Comes standard with:


Lap belt

Chest belt


Neckrest Assembly


Commode bucket with lid


Splash Guard

Armrests, L&R, Swing-back, removable


Footrests, L&R, Swing-away, removable


Calf Strap

Castors, 5 locking

Bridge, SB2/T





Tub Buddy SB2T Specifications
Height Adjustable YES
Lowest height 24.8"
Highest height 28"
Commode & Toilet Chair YES
Tilt N Space YES
Double Locking Struts on Tilt YES
Transfers into Raised Shower **
Transfers into Level Shower **
Rotates in Shower N/A
Transfers Over Bath YES
5" Locking Castors YES
Neck Rest YES
Double Safety Brakes YES
Lap / Chest Belts YES
Soft Seat Cushion YES
Soft Overlay / Day Chair Cushion ***
Foldaway Arms YES
Removable Arms YES
Foldaway Footrest YES
Removable Footrest YES
Tool less Assembly YES*
Non Corrosion Construction YES
Weight Capacity 350lb
2 Year Limited Warranty YES
* All assembly is tool less with the exception of the lap belts which require a screw
** Denotes that the chair could be used but would not normally be applied to the situation
*** Available as an accessory



For available Accessories - CLICK HERE


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Shower Buddy SB2T TubBuddy with Tilt


Shower Buddy SB2T Tubbuddy with Tilt

Qty: Price: $3481.


SB2-011 Tub Buddy

Bodypoint Belts:
BPB-C-M Bodypoint belt Chest Medium - Add $130
BPB-C-L Bodypoint belt Chest Large - Add $130
BPB-L-M Bodypoint belt Lap Medium - Add $130
BPB-L-L Bodypoint belt Lap Large - Add $130

NRA Neckrest assembly - Add $310

Large Headrest:
SB-HL-100-US Headrest Ultra Soft Large Adjustable KIT (everything needed) - Add $405

Lateral Assembly Kit (Choose Pad):
SB-SS-100 Lateral/Side support pad (each) - Add $65
SB-SS-100 Lateral/Side support pad Large (each) - Add $75

Lateral Assembly Kit (required):
D-SS-C1 Lateral/Side support 1inch tube clamp - Add $65

Lateral Assembly Kit (Choose Hardware offset size):
D-SS-SH-1 Lateral/Side support swing-away hardware 1inch offset - Add $210
D-SS-SH2 Lateral/Side support swing-away hardware 2inch offset - Add $215
D-SS-SH3 Lateral/Side support swing-away hardware 3inch offset - Add $220

Lateral Assembly Kit (required when ordering Laterals):
TBR Tensioned Back Rest - adjustable - Add $75

Channel Armrest:
SB-ACD-100 Channel armrest w/ drainhole & mount screws x 1 - Add $125
SB-ACD-100 Channel armrest w/ drainhole & mount screws x 2 - Add $250

Star Cushion:
SBSC-2 Star Cushion - inflatable - dual valve 17x17x2 - Add $695

Seat Cushion Overlay:
SCO Seat Cushion Overlay - Add $155

Suction Cup:
Suction Cup*** x 1 - Add $30
Suction Cup*** x 2 - Add $60
Suction Cup*** x 3 - Add $90
Suction Cup*** x 4 - Add $120

Rolling Base Extension Rail:
RBE24 Rolling Base Extension Rail pair**** - Add $220

Tub Base Extension Rail:
TBE24 Tub Base Extension Rail pair***** - Add $220

Custom Bridge:
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 6 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 8 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 10 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 14 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 16 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 18 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 20 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 22 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 24 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 26 inches long - Add $250
CB Custom Bridge (Labor)* 28 inches long - Add $250

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Shower Buddy SB2T TubBuddy with Tilt














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