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Triton FA Fully Automatic Power Pool Lift
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Patient Pool Lift

The Triton-FA Fully Automatic Power Pool Lift Is The Worlds Only Pool Lift With A Full Eight Feet Of Travel Making It A Multi Applications Lift That Is Used For Above Ground And In Ground Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, Bath Tubs, Boats And Many Other Applications Such As A Lift Transfer From Wheelchair To Bed. The Triton-FA Is Made Of The Highest Quality Stainless Steel At All Critical Points And Galvanized Steel With A Poly-Bond Finish At All Non Critical Points. Therefore The Triton-FA Will Never Rust Or Corrode. Every Triton-FA Lift Is Tested At 400 Pounds. With the Triton-FA Weighing Only 61 Pounds It Is Easily Transported From Station To Station Or Anchor To Anchor. For Example If You Had A Pool, A Spa And A Standard Bath Tub You Could Install An Anchor At Each Location, Then Move The Triton-FA From One Station To The Other. The Triton Patient Pool Lift Is Made Of The Absolute Best Material Available Providing The Customer With The Highest Quality Product At The Lowest Prices Possible. One Concrete Anchor Is  Provide At No Charge With The Purchase Of The Triton-FA And Is Normally All That Is Ever Needed For Basic Installations. This Fully Automatic Lift Is Available In A Semi-Automatic Version




The Triton-FA Patient Pool Lift Works Great For The Following Applications.

1) In-ground Pool
2) Above Ground Pool
3) Half Sunk Pool
4) All Spas In-ground & Above Ground
5) Bath Tubs In Home & Institutional
6) Hot Tubs & Jacuzzi's
7) Patient Boat Lift. Transfer From Dock To A Boat.
8) Patient Lift Used To Get A Person In And Out Of Bed.

* View photos below showing the Triton used in many different applications.

* The Triton Comes With A Limited Life Time Guarantee.

* The Only Aquatic Lift With A Six Point Carry Bar & 24ah Batteries That Will Make Over 100 Lifts Up & Down On A Single Charge.


The Triton-FA Battery Power Pool Lift comes standard with a 6 point carry bar verses a two point carry bar found on all other lifts.

The 6 point carry bar not only gives you far greater support it adds comfort for the person being transferred as well as making it easier for the assistant transferring them.
Product #: 47TRI47  



The Triton-FA Power Pool Lift is simple and easy to install in existing homes or buildings as well as new construction. The Triton can be used indoors and outdoors. Also the Triton-FA will accommodate any application, above ground or in ground pools as well as above ground or in ground Jacuzzi & spas.

Using the Triton-FA Patient Pool Lift is even easier. With the simple push of a button you can lower and raise the lift with a travel of eight feet. This lowers and raises the occupant into and out of the water. Each and every Triton is fully load tested while rotating 360 Degrees, insuring that the Triton will be easy to operate. The ease of rotation is due to the Tritons unique anchor & sleeve system that makes the Triton-FA nearly frictionless.

The Triton-FA comes standard with a second battery pack FREE. Both are a full 24ah. This allows you to be charging one battery and using the other, giving you piece of mind knowing that you will always have power for your Triton Power Lift.

  Charge the batteries anywhere. With the Triton Power Pool & Spa Lift their is no need to use extension cords to supply power to the location of the lift. The Triton batteries simply lift off and can be taken to any location for charging. Just one of the Triton batteries will provide as many as one hundred lifts in and out of a pool or spa on a single charge.

All New High Performance Stainless Steel Actuator, Providing Quicker Transfers And More Freedom With The Two Waterproof Wireless Transmitters.

The New High Performance Actuator Utilizes A Controller And Printed Circuit Board That Incorporates Two New Wireless Keychain Remotes In Addition To Its Standard Tethered Or Wired Remote.

The Triton is not ADA compliant and is not UL listed.



  The Triton comes standard with a quick dry soft mesh sling, however the Triton also offers a Rigid Seat Option. This option is perfect for people that can stand and pivot then sit into the seat allowing the Triton to lift them in & out of the pool. The arm rest fold down entirely out of the way on both sides. The soft mesh quick dry sling is used for people with extremely low to no mobility at all for example a quadriplegic.
Optional Polairis Plus

The Polairis Plus is now available when ordering your Triton. The Polais is a unique ridged sling allowing a person to be lifted in a seated position without a cloth sling under them. Some people prefer this to a conventional cloth sling. 

    The quick disconnect battery bracket allows you to remove and exchange the battery pack in seconds. Although the high performance batteries can provided many lift before needing to be charged we automatically give you a second back up battery just to insure you always have power.

Their are no cumbersome plugs or wires for you to handle when exchanging batteries the quick disconnect contacts allow you to just snap on and off the battery pack.





Product Weight: 61 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions (box 1): 62"/ 17.75"/ 5.25"
Ship Method (s): Ground, Next Day, 2 Day, 3 Day
Product Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
Mounting Style Cement-in Sleeve/Surface Mount
Mast Height Cement-In Sleeve: 51 in.
Surface Mount: 61 in.
Range of Boom Cement-In Sleeve: 86.25 in.
Surface Mount: 96 in
Sling Seat Height 74" Inches High To
Negative -34" Inches (
Note: Below deck with lanyards)
Boom Length 45 in.
Finish Stainless Steel and Extremely Durable With Epoxy Quality Finish.
Battery 24 Volt SLA / 24ah
Made Of Stainless Steel & Galvanized Steel
ADA Compliant The Triton is not ADA compliant and not UL listed.
Manual Triton-Manual-2022


The Triton-FA Comes With A Four Button Hand Set Allowing You To Lift And Lower With The Push Of A Button As Well As Move Right To Left By Simply Pushing A Button.


The Triton-FA Is The Worlds Only Pool Lift With A Travel Of Eight Feet Allowing It To Be Used For Both An In Ground Pool As Well As An Above Ground Pool. This Gives You A Great Advantage, As You Can Now Use It For Any Application And If You Do Have An In Ground Pool As Well As An Above Ground Jacuzzi You Are Only Buying One Lift.


Looking for safety, The Triton Patient Pool Lift has a one of a kind safety clip not found on any other pool or Jacuzzi lift. This clip insures that after draping the nylon strap when attaching the sling to all 6 carry bar points that they will not slip off. Without this safety clip one or more straps could potentially  slip off prior to lifting. If this happened and a loop did come off prior to lifting a person could be hurt. This safety clip insures that each and every 6 point attachment will stay in place and not come loose prior to lifting.


  The Triton-FA Power Lift Will Also Allow A Person Access To Transfer From A Dock To A Boat. With Two Anchors You Can Easily Move Your Triton Power Lift From One Location To Another.
Manufactured By: World Wide Seating Inc.
Lifetime limited warranty.
Q1: Can the Triton Patient Pool Lift be used to get a person in a pool as well as in & out of bed?
A1: Yes. The Triton Lifter will allow you to do both, you simply need to install the anchors required.
Q2: What type of maintenance is required on the Triton
A2: The Triton does not require any monthly maintenance other than charging the batteries.
Q3: Can the Triton be converted to a 4-point cradle?
A3: Sure, Simply use for points of the carry bar rather then the 6 that are standard on the Triton, You can even choose to only use two points being the center points.
Q4: Can the Triton be ordered as a manual hydraulic pump lift?
A4: No, Only the power version is currently being manufactured. We have found the manual hydraulic actuators require maintenance and the power actuator now used in manufacturing the Triton does not require any maintenance.
Q5: Will the Triton corrode and need to be replaced?
A5: No. All critical points of the Triton Lifter is constructed of 100% stainless steel that will never break down or corrode therefore you will never need to replace a Triton.
Q6: What is the weight capacity of Triton?
A6: The Triton has a weight capacity of 400 pounds.
Q7: What size sling should I order.?
A7: A Person weighting 40 to 100 pounds would require a (Small) A person weighting 100 to 170 pounds would require a (Medium) and a person weighting 170 to 350 would require a (Large) a person weighting 320 to 400 pounds would require a (X-Tra Large). 
Q8: How many people are required to assist the person that is being transferred?
A8: Normally, only one person is required.





The Standard anchor with gear is used for any application. Note: Many people thing that they do not have a wooden floor in there home because it ha a ceramic surface over it or many other floor coverings. Therefore be sure you do or do not have a wooden floor. If you have a basement or a crawl space then you most likely have a wooden floor.
The Triton is the perfect Pool, Jacuzzi, Spa, and Bath Tub Lift. Many people do not realize that with the Triton you can have different anchors and then move the lift from one location to the next as the Triton is low weight, only weighing 61 pounds, making it easy to move to deferent locations.
The Triton has a silicone impregnated  nylon wear sleeve making it very easy to turn 360 degrees and comes with a 20 year warranty against wear. If you see any wear at all on the wear sleeve during this twenty year period we will replace it at "No Charge". even the shipping is free.

The Triton-FA (Fully Automatic) Pool & Spa Lift

The Triton-FA Pool & Spa Lift
Qty: Price: $2387.

Battery Pack Options:
Extra Jumbo Lead Acid Battery Pack
Upgrade One Jumbo Battery Pack To Lithium $297.
Upgrade Both Jumbo Battery Packs To Lithium $594.

Surface Mount Anchor:
One Surface Mount Anchor $288.
Two Surface Mount Anchor $598.
Three Surface Mount Anchor $877.

Concrete Anchor:
One Concrete Anchor
Two Concrete Anchors $189. (Meaning 1 Extra)
Three Concrete Anchors $378. (Meaning 2 Extra)

Select Quick Dry Sling Size
Small Sling 40 to 80 Pounds
Medium Sling 80 to 140 Pounds
Large Sling 140 to 270 Pounds
X-Tra Large Sling 240 to 400 Pounds

Ridged Seat Option:
Ridged Seat Option $397.

Optional Polairis Plus:
No Thank You
Optional Polairis Plus $499. (With Purchase Of Triton)

Wireless Keychain Remotes:
No Thank You
Two Wireless Keychain Remotes Transmitters

Select Shipping:
Standard Ground 3 To 5 Days
Express Shipping Not Available



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Triton Fully Automatic Patient Pool Lift







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