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FGSH-450 Hydraulic Steel Floor Lift



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Prism Medical FGSH-450 Hydraulic Steel Floor Lift


Prism Medical's new hydraulic FGSH 450 lift was created to make transfer situations safer and more affordable. This manual lift is the perfect combination of functionality and economic value. It is versatile enough to use for most patient transfers.

The features include; a padded swivel bar and push handle, 450 lbs weight capacity, durable steel construction with an attractive painted finish, and a 360 degree carry bar rotation without side-to-side sway. Lightweight construction and easy disassembly allow for quick transport and setup.

Most importantly, the FGSH 450 offers safety, comfort, and stability to any Safe Handling program and meets the challenges faced in a homecare setting.


Product Highlights


Large casters significantly improve navigational control and contribute to caregiver safety
17 - 61 range allows for patient to be picked up from supine position on the floor
Pump handle can rotate from side to side for convenience of attendant
Carry bar is padded for extra patient safety
Completely enclosed mechanism controls adjustable base and allows for easy cleaning and disinfection
Base offers obstruction-free operation and convenient locking mechanism to hold legs in position


Technical Specifications


Height to top of legs: 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)
Clearance from bottom of legs to floor: 5.25 inches (13.3 cm)
Wheels: Front 5 (127 mm), Rear 5 (127 mm) w/brake
Distance inside the legs (min): 16.75 inches (42.5 cm)
Distance inside the legs (max): 36.5 inches (92.7 cm)
Distance outside the legs (min): 22 inches (55.9 cm)
Distance outside the legs (max): 42.25 inches (107.3 cm)
Reach at maximum height: 17.3 inches (44 cm)
Reach at minimum height: 7.9 inches (20 cm)
Maximum Reach-Distance between center of carry bar to front of the mast: 23.7 inches
Turning radius: 36.6 inches (93 cm)
Lifting height (min): 17 inches (43.2 cm)
Lifting height (max): 61 inches (155 cm)
Overall Length: 46.75 inches (118.75 cm)
Maximum weight load: 450 lbs. (205 kg.)
Total Shipping Weight: With Box 85 lbs ( 38.6 kgs)
Weight of Lift: 68.2 lbs (31 kgs)





User Manual



Prism Medical FGSH-450 Hydraulic Steel Floor Lift




Prism Medical FGSH-450 Hydraulic Steel Floor Lift

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Prism Medical FGSH-450 Hydraulic Steel Floor Lift


Manual Power Stand & Piv Ceiling Lifts Bathtub Commode

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