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Hoyer Professional Elevate Lift



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The Elevate® is an active lift designed to improve the lifting experience for both the caregiver and the patient.

  • Compact and sturdy with safe working load rating of 440lbs.
  • Can be configured with or without a weigh scale
  • The weigh scale is seamlessly integrated with a digital display and user friendly controls
  • Option of a standing or a transport sling, providing the caregiver the option of performing various care duties
Electrical Specifications
  • Battery - 24vDC rechargeable sealed lead acid type
  • Battery capacity - 3.2A Ampere hours
  • Charger rated input - 100-240V AC 24 VDC 50/60Hz
  • Charger rated output 29.5 VDC, Max. 19 W
Electric Shock Protection
  • Charger – Class II
  • Lift – Internal power source
Degree of Shock Protection
  • Charger – Type B
  • Lift – Type B
  • Intended operating environment: > 5°C < 40°C
  • Outside this environment functionality and safety may be compromised



Safe Working Load 440 lbs.
Maximum Overall Length 43.3 inches
Minimum Overall Length 41.0 inches
Maximum Overall Height 65.5 inches
Minimum Overall Height 48.4 inches
Maximum Height to Attachment Point 64.7 inches
Minimum Height to Attachment Point 39.2 inches
Turning Radius 48.2 in.
Legs Open - External Width 39.1 in.
Legs Open - Internal Width 34.3 in.
Legs Closed - External Width 24.8 in.
Legs Closed - Internal Width 20.0 in.
Widest Point (between support handles) 29.0 in.
Overall Height of Legs 4.7 in.
Ground Clearance 1.4 in.
Front Twin Casters 4.0 in.
Rear Braked Casters 4 in.
Mast, Base, Boom Assembly 127.3 lbs.
Power Pack 6.6 lbs.
Base Assembly (not including battery) 40.7 lbs.
Mast & Boom (not including battery) 66 lbs.
Foot Tray 23.1 lbs.




Hoyer Lift - Elevate Kneepad
The kneepad can be adjusted, with one hand, to an infinite number of settings while the patient is positioned in the sling. The kneepad has also been contoured to comfortably steady the patient while flexing to the correct angle of the patients legs.

Hoyer Lift Safety Belt
For the safety of the patient and caregiver, the safety belt can be used to secure one leg individually, two legs simultaneously or two legs independent of the other while transferring a patient.
Hoyer Lift Foot Tray
The foot tray is angled and utilizes a removable polymer cover that can be easily removed for cleaning. Additionally, the removable foot tray allows caregivers to provide patients with gait training.
Hoyer Lift Scale
The scale was designed with intuitive controls that require very little product training for caregivers. The optional weigh scale can accurately weigh a patient up to 440 pounds.






Joerns Hoyer Professional Elevate Lift



Joerns Hoyer Professional Elevate Lift

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Xtra Large Hammock Sling - Add $148

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Digital Scale - Add $1334.
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Joerns Hoyer Professional Elevate Lift


Manual Power Stand & Piv Ceiling Lifts Bathtub Commode

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