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Automotive Pedal Extenders



Pedal Pal Pedal Extenders

Sitting too close to a Driver Side Airbag can not only be uncomfortable, but dangerous!  Government experts recommend that a driver's face and chest be positioned at least 11-12" from the airbag. While disconnect devices are available, they compromise personal safety and still leave the driver uncomfortably close to the steering wheel.
Brake, Clutch and Gas Pedal Extensions provide a Safe, Simple and Inexpensive alternative for those who are short-stature, Pregnant, over weight, or people with back, hip or knee problems.


The gas extender is securely clamped to the gas pedal. There is no damage to the Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) vehicle's pedal.

"Airbags are designed, as per government regulations, to protect an AVERAGE MALE (5'8" tall, 185 lbs.) not wearing a seat belt."

"Short adults are especially vulnerable to airbag injuries.......should be as far away as possible from the strike surface in the vehicle's interior"

"If you're sitting closer than ten inches to your car's airbag, you should have an on-off switch installed. Alternatively, you can have pedal extenders installed on your vehicle."


Gas Pedal Pal

  The gas and brake Pedal Pals are low to the floor. The picture to below shows the Pedal Pal gas extender, which has an adjustable reach of two (2) to six (6) inches using an adjustable screw. The extender is ideal for someone who is 4'10 to 5' tall wearing a size six (6) shoe or a portly person or a woman who is pregnant.

Often the vehicle's gas pedal has a pivot point where the pedal attaches to the lever.  The Pedal-Pal was designed with a unique offset bracket overcoming the awkward tipping of the pedal problem that occurs with block type extensions.

Pedal-Pal's adjustable accelerator pedal clamp accommodates varying widths of pedals and securely tightens with a locking screw.

Brake & Gas Pedal Pal

Pedal Pals are adjustable with extension lengths from 2-6 inches and at heights ranging between 3-4 inches.

Each Pedal Pal is easily positioned to meet your exact requirements.

No Alterations to the OEM's pedals

Universal Design Fits most cars

Can be readjusted if need arises.

Brake or Clutch Pedal Pal

The brake or clutch Pedal Pal is adjustable with extension lengths from two (2) to six (6) inches and at heights ranging between three (3) to four (4) inches.

Each Pedal Pal is easily positioned to meet your exact requirements.

The brake and clutch Pedal Pal is made of sturdy steel and a rubber pad with dimensions of 2.5 Inches X 4 Inches.

Overly aggressive air bags are the cause of many injuries and deaths. With most current air bag designs, drivers who are close to the air bag at the time of deployment are at a greater risk of serious injury than those who are seated further away. Short, portly and pregnant drivers, who sit relatively close to the air bag module in order to reach the foot pedals, are among those at increased risk. Pedal extensions are being recommended by many safety professionals as a way to increase your distance from the air bag module and enhance your safety.


Pedal Pal Pedal Extenders

Pedal Pal Pedal Extenders
Qty: Price: $149.

Select Required Extenders:
Gas & Brake $149.
Gas Brake & Clutch $257.
Gas Only $107.
Brake Only $127.
Clutch Only $127.

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3 Day Air $94.
2 Day Air $142.
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