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System IV      System IV: This system includes an electric strike plate and two remote control similar to System II. The operator will "spring shut" automatically against manual opening of the door. When triggered by remote control, the door can be parked open and will stay in position indefinitely, even in a wind storm.


Specifications - Door Operator Model 100


(NOTE: Model 200 is identical except the electromechanical clutch is replaced by a non-electrical slipping clutch.)

Automatic door operator shall be electromechanical, and provide for both powered opening and powered closing of a door. The door opener shall provide no influence upon the door except when it is actively involved with powered opening, holding open, or closing, thus allowing unencumbered manual operation.

The unit shall contain an internal battery power supply to provide powered operation in the event of external power failure. The unit shall be powered by 24 vac, external to the device under provisions of low voltage wiring and is supplied with a 40 VA transformer requiring 115 vac 60 Hz service.

The operator shall be mounted according to drawings and instructions provided with each unit. The unit shall be capable of mounting on either door or lintel and shall provide door opening angles up to 180 degrees.

The unit shall possess an adjustable hold-open feature allowing the door between 5 and 60 seconds for passage. The unit shall stop when encountering an obstruction during an operating cycle at which time it ceases to provide an influence on the door.

Electro-mechanical. Power open, power close. Automatic clutch disengagement at all times when not activated, allowing unimpeded manual operation.

  Automatic open-hold-close cycle (5 to 60 seconds) activated by a signal from internal radio receiver or the momentary closure of electrical contacts provided by wires to unit.

Automatic cycle may be interrupted by a signal received within the cycle bringing the operator into a disengaged state. Door may be closed remotely if door is found left open in a non-active state upon receipt of a signal.

Optional Mode (Auto-Close setting) - Causes door to close automatically after a delay upon manual opening. Can be brought into activation in one of three ways:

1. Provision of electrical wires to unit to provide a discontinuity between internal contacts.

2. Provision of discontinuity of contacts upon installation.

3. Removal of 24 vac external power to operator.

Electrical Specifications

16-24 vac/dc, 0.01 amp

Wall Transformer:
Input - 115 vac, 60 Hz
Output - 24 vac, 0.03 amp

12V DC, 1.2Ah lead acid gel cell

12V DC, 1.5A

12V DC, 0.5A

Supply for Unlatching Device:
12V DC, 1A

Radio Receiver:
19,683 Security Combinations (Programmable)

2 5/8� x 14 1/8� (Suitable for mounting with perpendicular wall close to door frame.)

10 Lbs.

Steel housing
Painted aluminum finish #25

Physical Applications:
Door mounted for inward and outward opening doors in either right-hand or left-hand hinged configurations. (Ceiling clearance 1 1/4� minimum between door and ceiling). Lintel mounted for inward and outward opening doors in either right-hand or left-hand hinged configurations.

Activation may occur by coded signal from transmitter or by wireless security entry system. Activation contacts are provided within unit for remote wired activation from any device providing momentary continuity such as touch plates, push plates, mats, or infrared motion sensors.

Open Sesame Operators and controls are covered by a one year limited warranty on materials and internal workmanship. Our warranty does not apply to services performed during installation but technical assistance is available




Open Sesame System Four

Open Sesame System Four

Left Side Hinge
Right Side Hinge

Electric Strike:
Include Electric Strike
No Electric Strike Required

Emergency Battery Back Up:
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Emergency Battery Back Up

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