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The Full Report World Wide Research On Stem Cells



Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1

Disclaimers I-2

Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-3

Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3

Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3

Types of Stem Cells I-3

Embryonic Stem Cells I-3

Adult Stem Cells I-3



Overview II-1

Major Achievements Thus Far II-1

A Glimpse of Major Historical Events in the Area of Stem Cell

Research II-1

New Growth Areas II-2

Orthopedic Products - A potential growth sector II-2

Utilitarian Functions of Cord Blood Stem Cells II-2

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells in the Treatment of Hepatic Diseases II-3

Human Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Stem Cells in Insulin

Synthesize II-3

Challenges II-3

Stem Cell Research And the Ethical Angle II-3


North America Dominates Global Stem Cells Market II-4

Stem Cells Breakthrough Reshaping the Area of Medicine II-4

Korea Debuts the World's First Somatic Stem Cell-Based Therapy II-4

New Technologies Draw Significant Attention II-5

Ethical Issues and Nascent Stage - Key Market Restraints for

Stem Cells II-5

Medical Tourism Picks Up in Stem Cell Therapy II-6

Government Regulations Fail to Prevent Medical Tourism in

Stem Cell Therapy II-6

US and Japan Surge Ahead of Europe in Stem Cell Patents II-7

Table 1: Global Stem Cells Patent Analysis by Market (2010):

Percentage Breakdown of Number of Patents Issued for US,

Japan and Europe (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-7

Table 2: Global Stem Cells Patent Analysis by Product (2010):

Percentage Breakdown of Number of Patents Issued for Adult

Stem Cells, Human Embryonic Stem Cells, Mesenchymal Stem

Cells, Hematopoietic Stem Cells, Neuronal Stem Cells and

Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-8

Table 3: Leading Stem Cell Companies by Patents (2010):

Percentage Breakdown of Number of Patents Secured for Geron

Corp., Osiris Therapeutics, Olympus Corporation, Wisconsin

Alumni Research Foundation, Kourion Therapeutics AG, Japan

Science & Tech Agency and Others (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) II-8



Adult Stem Cells Hold Tremendous Potential II-9

Adult Stem Cells and Embryonic Stem Cells - A Comparison II-9

A Low Risk Investment II-10

Adult Stem Cells Garner More Investments for Research II-10

Low Versatility - A Major Limiting Factor for Adult Stem Cells II-10

Hematopoietic Stem Cells - Enjoying Enduring Success II-10

The Restraining Factors II-11

Mesenchymal Stem Cells - A Promising Therapeutic Option II-11

Difficulty in Isolation and Lower Understanding Hampers Growth II-11

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells - An Alternative to ESCs II-12

A Peek Into the Discovery of iPS II-12

Drug Development - A Major Application for iPS II-12

Regenerative Medicine II-13

Establishing iPS Cell Banks II-13

Intractable and Congenital Disease Treatments II-13

Repairing Organs II-14

Embryonic Stem Cells to Transfigure the Field of Medicine II-14

Lack of Safety and Efficacy Data Remains A Concern II-14



Stem Cells in Disease Management II-15

Stem Cell Therapy in Regenerative Medicine II-15

Stem Cell Therapy - A Promising Treatment for Neurological

Disorders II-16

Large-Scale Studies Imperative to Substantiate Early Positive

Results In Cardiovascular Diseases II-16

Stem Cell Therapy in Cancer II-16

Stem Cells Set Foot in Personal Care II-17

Aging Population to Drive Orthopedic Stem Cell Market II-17

Other Diseases II-18

Select Key Adult Stem Cell Therapies under Development II-18

Stem Cells in Drug Discovery II-20

Tools for Drug Development II-20


Laws Governing Stem Cells Research - The Divided World II-21

Laws and Regulations in Stem Cells Research in Select Countries II-21


Stem Cell Research II-22

Stem Cells - Description II-22

Types of Stem Cells II-22

Embryonic Stem Cells II-22

mES and hES II-22

R-NSCs II-23

Adult Stem Cells II-23

Hematopoietic Stem Cells II-24

Mesenchymal Stem Cells II-24

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells II-24

Neuronal Stem Cells II-24

Dental Stem Cells II-24

Pluripotent Adult Stem Cells II-25

Other Key Cell Types II-25

The Stem Cell Line - Cell Division II-25

Stem Cells - Properties II-26

Ability to Renew on its Own II-26

Potency II-26

Definitions of Various Potencies II-26

Identification of Stem Cells II-26

Stem Cells - Applications II-27

History of Stem Cells II-27

Stem Cells - Services and Products II-28

Significance of Stem Cell Products/Services II-28


Parthenogenetic Stem Cells Holds Potential in the Treatment of

Thalassemia II-29

hESCs - A Potential Source for Unlimited Supply of Functional

Platelets II-29

Sperm-Producing Stem Cells For Diabetes Treatment -

Researchers Explore Prospects II-30

Cellonis Achieves Outstanding Results of Its Stem Cell Therapy

for Diabetes II-30

Stem Cells From Fallopian Tubes - A Prospective New Source II-30

Stem Cells from Fat - Enhancing Stem Cells Accessibility II-31

Skin Cells to Stem Cells - A New Promising Method II-31

Stem Cells to Repair Brain Damage After A Stroke II-32

ACT Shows hESCs' Potential to Become An Unlimited Source for

Functional RBCs II-32


StemCells Launches New Antibody Reagents II-34

Arteriocyte Introduces Nanex Hematopoietic Stem Cell Expansion

Kit II-34

Vitrolife Unveils Growth Factors and Cytokines for Stem Cell

Cultivation II-35

BioTime to Introduce New Product Line of Stem Cell Products II-35

Chemaphor Introduces Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy II-35

Stempeutics Research Malaysia to Launch Ischemic CS Therapy II-35

Vitro Diagnostics Launches Novel Serum-free Stem Cell Growth

Medium II-35

ThermoGenesis to Launch Res-Q System II-36

Invitrogen to Introduce New Technology for Safe Stem Cell

Treatment II-36

Millipore Unveils MilliTrace™ Stem Cell Lines II-37

Millipore Unveils ESGRO Complete™ PLUS medium II-37

Bayer Launches Reformulated Liquid Leukine® II-37

Shenzhen Beike Biotechnology and CMC Launch NBPD's SCRM

Industrial Project II-37

Vitro Unveils New Products Supporting Stem Cell Research II-38

Endogenous Stem Cells Activators Introduces KRONOS IV II-38

ArunA Biomedical and Open Biosystems Launch iPS Kit II-39

Invitrogen Introduces Neon Transfection Device II-39

Invitrogen Introduces Xenogeneic-Free Media II-39

NanoInk Unveils NanoStem Cell Division II-39

Advanced Cell Technology Unveils New Process for Functional

Hepatocytes Generation II-40


Sanofi-Aventis Takes Over Genzyme Corporation II-41

NeoStem Merges with Progenitor Cell Therapy II-41

EHS Enters into Joint Venture with Celulas Genetica II-41

RJ to Form New Subsidiary II-41

NuPotential and VistaGen Receive NIH Grant for Development of

iPS Cells (US) II-42

BioCells Argentina Launches Dental Pulp Stem Cells Storage

Program II-42

EHSI Forges Option Deal with OceanBASIS II-42

EHSI and Regenetech Ink License Agreement II-43

Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals and CDI Ink Non-exclusive

License Agreement II-43

Kiadis Signs Licensing Agreement with Hospira to Develop and

Market Hematology Product II-43

ACT Obtains FDA Approval for Human Clinical Trials of hESCs

for Dry AMD II-44

OncoMed Commences Phase I Clinical Trial of OMP-59R5 II-44

Advanced Cell Technology and Roslin Cells Ink MoU II-44

Mesoblast Takes Over Angioblast II-45

Power3 Medical Products and Rozetta-Cell Life Sciences to Merge II-45

University of California and BioTime Ink Material Transfer

Agreement II-45

ISCO And John Mauldin Commence Marketing Alliance for Skincare

Products II-46

Cord Blood America Inks Letter of Intent to Take Over Cryo-

Cell Mexico II-46

Mesoblast Enters into Stem Cell Marketing Deal with US Company II-46

Bayer HealthCare Enters into Alliance with OncoMed

Pharmaceuticals II-47

SiriCell Technologies Acquires Remaining Stake in

International Stem Cell JV II-47

StemCells Receives Swissmedic Approval for Neural Stem Cells

Trial In Chronic Spinal Cord Injury II-47

ACT Obtains FDA Clearance for Human Clinical Trials of hESCs

for SMD II-48

ReNeuron Treats First Patient in Stem Cell Therapy Clinical

Trial for Stroke II-48

Amedica/US Spine Inks a Licensing and Distribution Agreement

with BioDlogics II-48

Vet-Stem Inks Sub-Licence Agreement with Australian Veterinary

Stem Cells II-49

Athersys Obtains FDA Approval for Phase II Trial for IBD Using

MultiStem® II-49

Stemedica and AnC Form Stem Cells JV II-49

Fate Therapeutics Enters into Collaboration and Licensing

Agreement with BD II-49

BrainStorm Obtains Clearance for Stem Cell Therapy Clinical

Trial for ALS in Israel II-50

Shrink Nanotechnologies Enters Final Stage of StemDisc

Commercialization II-50

Cryo-Cell's License Partner S-Evans Biosciences Opens New

Laboratory II-50

Geron Receives FDA Approval to Initiate Clinical Trials of

hESCs for Treating Acute Spinal Cord Injuries II-51

Cytori Therapeutics' Celution System Obtains European Approval II-51

TGA Grants Approval to Mesoblast to Supply MPC Products II-51

AssureImmune and Banco Merge II-51

Salk Institute to Use Cyntellect's Cell Processing Workstation


STEMCELL Inks Agreement with Stanford University for Virus

Free Technique II-52

NeoStem Inks Partnership Agreement with Catholic Church II-52

Stemgent Signs Deal with Miltenyi to Co-develop and Market

Stem Cell Research Products II-52

BioTime Acquires ES Cell International II-53

Cipla Enters into Partnership with Stempeutics to Enter Stem

Cell Segment II-53

Vitro Diagnostics Signs Contract with HemoGenix II-53

Fate Acquires Verio Therapeutics II-53

Vitrolife Inks Licensing Agreement with Finn-Medi Research II-54

AXM Pharma to Establish Stem Cell Plant II-54

Stem Cell Therapy Merges with Histostem II-54

Cord Blood America Enters into Contract with BioE for Cord

Blood Processing System II-54

Pfizer Acquires Rights to Athersys' Stem Cell Therapy II-55

Enterprise Investors Acquires Large Interest in PBKM II-55

Fate Therapeutics to Distribute Stem Cell Products through

Becton Dickinson II-55

NHMC Merges with BioStem Genetics II-55

Riverside Acquires Crioestaminal II-56

Cryo-Cell International Signs Distribution Agreement with S-

Evans Biosciences II-56

Jordanian Stem Cell Purchases Stemedica International's Stem

Cell Technology II-56

BrainStorm Enters into Agreement with Protein Production Services II-56

Novartis Acquires Opexa's Stem Cell Technology II-57

ThermoGenesis Expands Alliance with Celling Technologies II-57

Bioheart to Test MyoCell SDF-1 in REGEN Trial II-57

Osiris Initiates Enrolment for Prochymal Phase II Clinical

Trial for Type I Diabetes Treatment II-58

Stirling Divests Interest in Australian Stem Cell Healthcare II-58

iZumi Bio Merges with Pierian II-59

iZumi Collaborates with CiRA to Expand iPSC Technology II-59

Novartis Forges Research and Development Partnership Agreement

with Epistem II-60

Healthcare of Today Acquires Regenetech II-60

Neuralstem and China Medical University to Co-develop

Treatment for Stem Cell Stroke II-60

Cytori Inks Agreement with GE Healthcare for StemSource®

Technology Commercialization II-61

MedCell Bioscience Merges with NovaThera II-61

StemCells Acquires Stem Cell Sciences II-62

BioSante Pharmaceuticals Merges with Cell Genesys II-62

Cell Therapeutics Enters into Joint Venture with Spectrum

Pharmaceuticals II-63

Cryo-Cell International Enters into Collaboration with

Cryopraxis Cryobiology II-63

Embryome Sciences Signs Partnership Agreement with

Reproductive Genetics Institute II-63

ENKAM Inks Licensing Agreement with STEMCELL II-64

Sigma-Aldrich Inks Distribution Agreement with AlphaGenix II-64

ThermoGenesis and Celling Technologies Extend Collaboration II-65

Vivalis Enters into Collaboration with SAFC Biosciences II-65

ReNeuron Enters into Agreement with Angel Biotechnology Holdings II-66

Cellartis Signs Agreement with ReproCELL II-66

Cellartis and AstraZeneca Extend Collaboration II-66

Embryome Sciences and Millipore Sign Co-Marketing Agreement II-67

Cytori Enters into Partnership with GE Healthcare II-67

Stemgent Enters into Co-Exclusive Marketing Agreement with

CellDesign II-68

MultiCell Technologies and Maxim Biotech Sign R&D Agreement II-68

GE Healthcare Collaborates with Geron Corporation II-69

Moraga Biotechnology Licenses BLSCs to Pharmacells II-69

CordLife Develops Stem Cell Therapies in India II-70

NsGene Receives European Patent Rights II-70

Pfizer to Invest in Stem Cell Research II-70

SCTI Commences Histostem Products Distribution Process II-71

Geron Secures FDA Approval for Human Trial of Embryonic Stem

Cell-Based Therapy II-71

BioE Obtains FDA Marketing Approval for PrepaCyte-CB II-72


StemCells Obtains FDA Approval for Phase I Clinical Trial of

HuCNS-SC® Cells in Treatment of PMD II-73

Athersys Obtains IND for Using Multistem in Treating Ischemic

Stroke II-73

Athersys Presents Initial Dosing Data of MultiStem® Phase I

Trial in AMI II-74

ACT Creates Five Lines of hESCs Without Embryo Destruction II-74

BioE Inks Agreement with StemSoft II-74

ACT's Technology Generates 140 Cell Types from hESC II-75

ACT Develops Process for Generating Functional Hepatocytes

from hESCs II-75

Applied Biosystems Merges with Invitrogen II-75

Bennett, Coleman and Co Acquires Stake in Stem One Biologicals II-76

BMXP Holdings Acquires Freedom Environmental Services II-76

Saints Capital Completes Neuronyx Acquisition II-76

Intercity Acquires Exordia II-76

iPS and Stem Cell Merge with CDI Merge II-77

Biohellenika Acquires Exclusive Rights of Cytori's StemSource

Cell Bank II-77

International Stem Cell Signs Agreement with Millipore

Corporation II-77

ReNeuron Enters into Agreement with Angel Biotechnology II-78

ThermoGenesis and Celling Technologies Ink a Distribution

Agreement II-78

BioTime and Embryome Ink a Deal with International Stem Cell II-79

Cryo-Cell Enters into Agreement with Saneron II-79

Genzyme Enters into Alliance with Osiris II-80

VivoMedica Enters into Collaboration with Cellartis II-80

Histostem Signs MOU with Stem Cell Therapy II-80

Vantus Inks Agreement with US Davis Center for Equine Health II-81

Stem Cell Sciences Enters into Agreement with Pfizer II-81

Sigma-Aldrich Inks Distribution Agreement with AlphaGenix II-81

Cellartis Signs Agreement with Pfizer II-82

Ortec Changes Corporate Name to Forticell Bioscience II-82

FDA Grants Approval to Genzyme's Mozobil II-83

Pfizer Inaugurates Pfizer Regenerative Medicine Research Facility II-83

Stem Cell Therapeutics Receives Australian Patent II-83

STEMCELL Technologies Secures License Rights to Geron IP II-84

BioTime Starts Embryonic Stem Cell Solution Facility II-85

Geron Successfully Transplants Pancreatic Islet-Like Clusters II-85

StemCells Secures US Patent II-85

PerkinElmer Takes Over ViaCell II-85

Athersys' MultiStem® Receives US FDA Nod for Phase I Trial in

BMT Support and AMI II-86

BioE Teams Up with Phillips Plastics for Stem Cell Therapeutics II-87


Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. (US) II-88

Athersys, Inc. (US) II-88

BioE, Inc. (US) II-89

Cellartis AB (Sweden) II-89

Cryo-Cell International, Inc. (US) II-89

Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. (US) II-90

ES Cell International (Singapore) II-90

Gamida Cell Ltd. (Israel) II-91

Genzyme Corporation (US) II-91

Geron Corporation (US) II-91

International Stem Cell Corporation (US) II-92

Mesoblast Ltd. (Australia) II-92

Neuralstem, Inc. (US) II-93

NeuroGeneration, Inc. (US) II-93

Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. (US) II-94

StemCells, Inc. (US) II-94

ThermoGenesis Corp. (US) II-95

ViaCord, LLC (US) II-95


Table 4: Global Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis of

Adult Stem Cell Research By Geographic Region - US, Europe and

Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual

Investment Figures in US$ Million for Years 2008 through 2017

(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-96

Table 5: World 10-Year Perspective for Adult Stem Cell

Research by Geographic Region - Percentage Breakdown of Annual

Investments for US, Europe and Rest of World Markets for Years

2008, 2011 & 2017 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-97



A.Market Analysis III-1

North America - Spearheading Global Stem Cells Market III-1

US - The Market Leader for Stem Cell Research Worldwide III-1

Interest in Adult Stem Cell Research Continues III-2

Cosmetic Enhancements Ahead of Therapies for Diseases III-2

Embryonic Stem Cell Research in the US Held Back by Lack of

Federal Funding III-3

Vacillating US Policy on Federal Funding for hESC Research III-3

US Revokes Ban On Federal Funding for hESC Research III-3

Federal Funding Remains the Key for Further Progress in the

Sector III-4

US Court's Decree to Block Federal Funding for hESC Research

to Affect Biotech Industry III-4

Competitive Scenario III-5

Table 6: Leading Players in the US Stem Cell Therapeutics

Market (2007): Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales for

ViaCell Inc., Cryo-Cell, Osiris Therapeutics Inc.,

International Stem Cell Corporation, Geron Corp., Cytori

Therapeutics Inc., Athersys Inc., and Others (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) III-5

B.Market Analytics III-6

Table 7: US Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis of Adult

Stem Cell Research Market Analyzed with Annual Investment

Figures in US$ Million for Years 2008 through 2017 (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) III-6


A.Market Analysis III-7

The UK Policy on hESC Remains In Favor of Developing the

Science III-7

UK Adopts Practical Approach In Addressing Moral Issues III-7

UK- The First Country to Allow Therapeutic Cloning III-7

B.Market Analytics III-8

Table 8: European Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis of

Adult Stem Cell Research Market Analyzed with Annual

Investment Figures in US$ Million for Years 2008 through

2017 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-8


A.Market Analysis III-9

The Rise of Asia in Stem Cells Research III-9

US Ban on Federal Funds for hESC Research Boosts Asian Presence III-9

South Korea Pacing towards Regaining Lost Glory in Stem Cell

Research III-9

Emergence of China in the Global Stem Cell Research Space III-10

The Indian Stem Cell Research Market - An Overview III-10

B.Market Analytics III-11

Table 9: Rest of World Recent Past, Current & Future

Analysis of Adult Stem Cell Research Market Analyzed with

Annual Investment Figures in US$ Million for Years 2008

through 2017 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-11


Total Companies Profiled: 87 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 92)


Region/Country Players


The United States 62

Canada 3

Japan 1

Europe 14

France 1

The United Kingdom 7

Spain 1

Rest of Europe 5

Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) 9

Latin America 1

Middle East 2

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