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Wheelchair Accessible Cruise Lines

Wheelchair Accessible Cruise Lines
Wheelchair Accessible Cruise Lines  

A cruise is the perfect vacation to see the world, and for anyone who is physically challenged or disabled there is no more comfortable or convenient way to travel.

The cruise lines place a high priority on providing the appropriate assistance you need. Many cruise ships use the latest technology to offer a variety of services and amenities for guests with visual, hearing or physical limitations to allow you the freedom to get the most out of your cruise experience. cruise lifestyles.


Designated cabin accommodations offer many conveniences such as wider doorways and modified bathrooms with roll-in showers and grab bars. Toilets, door handles, light switches and closet rods are also accessible. And TTY/TDD kits can even be pre-installed upon request, and interface with the Guest Relations desk.


Public Areas

Cruise ships offer spacious public areas, elevators and restrooms that can easily accommodate guests with disabilities. Lounges, casinos and dining facilities have specific seating areas for guests with wheelchairs, and automatic doors and ramps provide accessible routes throughout the ship, including to the open decks. And you'll find Braille and large-print signage, menus and other information, as well as closed-captioned video screens.


Going Ashore

Many destinations and shore excursions pose no limitations for disabled guests. But unfortunately, not every port of call offers conveniences commonplace in the US. In addition, it's possible that travel from the ship to shore must be accomplished by boat, which may further limit some guests' ability to explore the port. Every effort will be made to accommodate guests with disabilities; however, decisions will be made on board with your safety in mind.


Medical Services

Every cruise ship provides professional medical staff and facilities on board to assist in the event of an emergency. However, the facilities are limited by the shipboard environment. The traveler is responsible to provide all medications, equipment and supplies necessary for their care.


Availability of Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are available to help guests during embarkation and disembarkation and for emergency use only. They are not available throughout the cruise for the convenience of the guest. If you require a wheelchair during your cruise, you should plan on bringing one with you. All disabled passengers should also travel with an able-bodied person capable of assisting them.


Other Services

Cruise ships can provide storage for a wheelchair, medication or oxygen, and dietary restrictions certainly pose no problem. Special airport transfers with hydraulic lifts can be arranged, and assistance boarding and disembarking the vessel is also available. Most cruise lines have special provisions for service dogs. cruise lifestyles.


Women who are more than 24 weeks pregnant will be prohibited from taking a cruise. Please make sure that you have your doctor's permission to travel even if you are less than 6 months pregnant.


Booking Your Cruise

Before inquiring about a cruise, please obtain your doctor's permission to travel. Then give us a call and tell your Cruise Specialist about any special needs. We'll help you choose a cruise that provides the accommodations and services necessary to meet those needs.

After you have booked your cruise, the cruise line may ask you and your doctor to complete medical release forms. We'll work with the cruise line on your behalf to make sure they are aware of your requirements and get any additional information necessary to assist you in planning and preparing for your trip. also offers a unique Travel Protection Plan that can cover a pre-existing medical condition and provide important medical benefits and complete peace-of-mind.


Accessibility by Cruise Line

To learn more about each individual's Onboard Accessibility programs, please click the links below:


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