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A Resident's Door Should Not

Be an Obstacle to Independence!

Sometimes an obstacle is not recognized,

until a solution becomes available.

Independent Living communities provide seniors with the environment and amenities that offer a quality of life purposely intended for them. The Private-Door Assistant promotes this lifestyle by removing the barriers that doors are to residents who use wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and canes. With the Private-Door Assistant, the opening and closing of a door becomes a simple act again, instead of a challenge.  Current and prospective residents will appreciate the effort you have taken to ensure their accessibility to the facility's amenities and social functions when you offer a Private-Door Assistant.


Private-Door has developed the "Independent Living Program" to assist manager to determine how best to provide the convenience of Private-Door with no or a minimal cost to management. Click here to receive the "Independent Living Program". 

What Are Private-Door Automatic Door Operators

Private-Door automatic door openers are life-enhancing products that were purposely designed to address the special needs of senior living. Private-Door simplifies the day for residents who use wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and canes by automating the doors to their apartments. Private-Door is a signature amenity that current and prospective residents will see as an exceptional service your organization provides to enrich their lives.

Enrich The Quality Of Life For Residents

Independent Living Facilities provide an environment and amenities to seniors that assure a �quality of life� that is purposely intended for them. Because a majority of residents use either a wheelchair, walker or cane everyday, facilities are designed to accommodate these assistive devices.  Private-Door promotes a self-reliant lifestyle by removing the barrier their apartment door can be to their independence. Private-Door simplifies their day by making the opening and closing of their apartment door a simple act again. With remote control convenience, residents will enjoy uninhibited access to activities and services they value most.

Enhance The Facility's Image

Concerned providers give careful and thoughtful consideration to the individual as well as the collective needs of the residents. They provide specialized services, social activities, security and other amenities that encourage self-reliance and participation in community activities. Private-Door compliments these efforts by assisting the residents to be self-reliant and involved in social activities. By automating the apartment doors of residents a major impediment to their independence is eliminated. Prospective clients will recognize and appreciate the effort taken to ensure accessibility to their apartment and to the facility�s activities and amenities.

Increase Revenues And Minimize Vacancies

Independent Living Facilities require residents to be able to perform activities of daily living with a minimum of staff support. Studies show that the ability to enter and leave one�s dwelling is the most common activity seniors need assistance with. With Private-Door resident dependence on staff for assistance is reduced, freeing staff to fulfill other duties. Private-Door may reduce potential vacancies. Current residents will remain independent longer, extending their stay in the facility. Automating the apartment doors for potential residents will expand the new client base to include individuals who need additional assistance without impact to staff.

Reduce Potential Liability By Minimizing Potentials For Falls

Private-Door reduces the potential for falls by residents who use walkers or canes. These residents find the opening of their apartment door a major challenge. The first challenge is opening a self closing door while using a walker or cane. The second challenge is to hold the self closing door open while passing through the doorway. Private-Door eliminates this frustrating activity while reducing the potential for a fall.

Reduce Maintenance

Residents with walkers and wheelchairs will unintentionally damage the self closing doors and wall treatments as they enter and exit their apartment. Private-Door will virtually eliminate this damage by opening and holding open the door while they pass through the doorway.

Simple To Install and Transferable

The Private-Door is designed to be simple to install and transferable. Maintenance personnel can relocate Private-Door to an apartment where it is required. Private-Door requires no complicated electric strike and all components mount to the edge of the door. No high voltage wiring is required, power is provided by a 12-volt plug-in transformer.

Features And Benefits For The Resident And Management

Private-Door is a unique product that provides features and benefits that both the resident and management can enjoy.

Tenant Features

� Free-Float System, permits normal manual operation of the door. This permits a spouse or staff to enter the apartment without any increased resistance to the doors operation.

� Obstruction Sensing, if an obstacle interferes with the doors operation the Private-Door will revert to Free-Float and the door can be moved manually to remove the obstruction.

� Door Check, Private-Door will recognize when a door was unintentionally left ajar after manual operation and close the door.

� Timer to Close, Private-Door will automatically close the door after the resident passes through the doorway after a predetermined period of time.

Management Features

� No complicated and involved strike release to be installed. This reduces alterations and damage to the door frame.

�  No high voltage wiring. Power is provided by a simple plug-in 12 volt transformer that can be plugged into a convenient wall outlet.

� All components mount to edge of door, not to the surface. When the operator is transferred to another unit no mounting holes are seen on the surface of the door.

� Portable, can be removed by resident or transferred to another unit by management.

� Reduces residents dependence on staff. Private-Door is a unique product that provides features and benefits that both the resident and management can enjoy.

A New Revenue Stream With Private-Door

No one method of evaluating how, or if, to recover the initial investment in providing Private-Door can be applied. Each organization places its own value on goodwill and the amenities necessary to fulfill their mission to serve the resident. Where one organization may choose to purchase a Private-Door another may choose to assess a minimal surcharge to the rent. Some organizations may choose to let the tenant buy the operator themselves. The three models are reviewed in detail in Private-Door's "Independent Living Program".

Private-Door's "Independent Living Program" assist managers to determine how best to provide the convenience of Private-Door with no or a minimal cost to management.


Private Door Independent Living System

Private Door Independent Living System

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