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PL-72 Lift  -   Lift Up To 6' Ft



NOTE: Tower is reversible from side to side
PL- 72 platform lifting height is 72" maximum All lift options available with this unit.

PL-72 Lift Specifications

Description of Product
The product described herein, is a precision vertical platform lifting device consisting of a machine tower with lifting platform, selected and dimensioned to provide adequate lifting height to suit the residential building requirement. The lift can be used indoors and outdoors to vertically transport a wheelchair user or otherwise mobility-impaired person, up and over a low-rise barrier created by stairs, thus creating access to or within the building.

The lift when configured with appropriate options can meet the ANSI Al 7.1 Part XX, Section 2100 codes, as it relates to residential applications.

Quality Assurance

Performance Requirements:

The unit shall be assembled and pre-wired (less optional equipment and necessary gates) and manufactured with adequate lifting and load capacity for application described elsewhere in this specification.
The unit shall be easy to operate by the user or attendant and shall be capable of functioning in all weather conditions.
The unit shall have the capacity to lift up to 500 lbs. to the desired lifting height up to a maximum lift height of six ( 6 ) feet.

Composition of Materials:
Machine tower: 14 gauge cold rolled steel.
Base frame: 1 1/2" square x 3/16" Structural steel tubing.
Lift weldment: 1 1/2" x 3" x .188" wall structure steel tubing.
Tower cap: 10 gauge cold rolled steel plate
Side Guard Rails: 1" round x .120" gauge steel tubing (frame).
Platform: 14 gauge cold rolled steel plate with slip resistance surface.
Access ramp: 11 gauge steel plate with slip resistance surface.
Electrical box: 16 gauge galvanized steel
Switch box: Hi-impact A.B.S. Thermoplastic instrument case.
Lirnitations: Vertical platform lift shall operate both indoors and out, and must be anchored on a level, 4" thick, 3500 psi reinforced concrete surface or pad.

Electrical System


The unit shall be pre-wired by manufacturer with exterior grade thermoplastic coated wiring. Extension Cord, 14 gauge UL-CSA approved is recommended if power source is not within three (3) feet of Machine tower. Machine may also be wired using water proof conduct.

Powder Coat Finish

Prep, Primer, & Powder Coat Process

1. 3 Stage wash, soapy water, clear water, and Iron Phosphate  which is applied to parts.

2. Parts are inspected and scuffed

3. Epoxy Primer is applied

4. Parts are baked at 250 degrees for 15 minutes

5. Parts are inspected and scuffed if needed

6. Huebert O'Brian Powder-TCIC Polyester

7. Mixed with Paint, Color Almond PFT-500-SS

8. Powder Coat is applied and baked at 400 degrees for 30 min.

9. Parts are inspected and scuffed if needed

Safety Devices

The unit shall have the following safety features for protection of users and the general public:
� Upper and lower limit switches
� Instant Reverse Motor
� Powered with 110 volt AC current, by 1/2 HP motor, 6.4 Amp
� Grounded electrical system
� Heavy duty worm drive gear box with heavy duty #50 lifting chain
� Automatic access ramp
� 36" guard rails on non-enter and exit sides of platform
� Non-Skid platform and access ramp surface
� Key-lock control
� Switching & Control system 24 VAC low voltage current


The contractor shall do all work and supply all materials necessary for the complete installation, It is the intent of this specification to outline broadly the equipment required but not to cover the details of design and construction .

Maintenance of the vertical platform lift unit shall consist of regular cleaning of the unit, protection of the painted surface of the unit.


Unit shall have one ( 1 ) year limited warranty on the basic unit and electrical system with a two (2) year warranty of drive train components.

This specification has been written to assist you in preparing an accurate and detailed description for specifying a vertical platform lift. All or part of this specification may be reproduced. Additional technical information is available from our Product Engineering Department.



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