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Dear Michael:
I want to thank you for giving me the ability to travel and tour once again.  It was September that I received my Titan, and we immediately went on a cruise to the Mediterranean, visiting 6 ports, then in February we went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and I just returned from a cruise to the Baltic, visiting seven ports.  
Thanks to the light weight and incredibly easy folding I was able to ride the scooter to the door of airplanes and have it returned to me at the door upon landing.  I found that when the plane had a coat closet they would allow me to place it there.  The ease of folding made touring a breeze going into taxis, vans and tour buses.
The high ground clearance of the scooter is also a real plus.
Thanks again for recommending the Titan to me, there is no way I can satisfactorily express my gratitude to you.



Ron Blumenfeld


P.S.  My wife said to thank you also.


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