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Roland St. Cyr



Dear Discover Your Mobility,


My wife and I take frequent cruises, as they are by far the easiest vacation for individuals who have limited walking ability. Last summer we purchased a Travel wheelchair for use on the cruise ship. This helped me immensely, but destroyed my tiny wife pushing me on the ships carpeted flooring, in ports on cobblestone, up inclines, and numerous other challenges. Also we were joined at the hip and she could not go off on her own AT ALL.


On my return from this trip I searched the Internet for a better answer. I use a scooter at home, but it is FAR from portable. I found the Titan Scooter on the computer and placed my order. It arrived promptly just before our departure in October. To tell you we are pleased would be a vast understatement. It is so light that even with my disability of no right shoulder both my wife and I are able load and unload and fold and unfold the scooter. At the airport we unload it and drive right up to the pane door and at the end of the flight it is returned at the plane door. I also can drive the scooter right on and off of the cruise ships. Everywhere I go it is the center of attention and I have many people ask me questions about the design, battery size ext. Everyone is amazed. We charge the battery every few days and the charge lasts that long.


What more can I say other than I feel so lucky to have discovered such a wonderful help. It gives me freedom once more.




Roland St.Cyr

RL Gray.




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