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The Easy Light Deluxe Mobility Scooter

The Easy-Light-Deluxe mobility scooter- Is Your Ticket to Freedom! The Efficient design and construction combined with contemporary styling, gives you the ability to transport in the trunk of any vehicle as well as the confidence you need to go anywhere you want.

The luxurious Com-For-Fit seat comes standard with memory foam as does the comfortable ride and the ability to do easy stable transfers.


The Easy-Light-Deluxe is the perfect transportable scooter. Weighting only 54 lbs, it is one of the worlds Lightest, Portable, Adjustable & Comfortable scooters available. The Easy-Light-Deluxe is  only 22� wide and is "Rear Wheel Drive" delivering high torque with a strong ability to climb even steep inclines, ramps and hills. Due to The Easy-Light-Deluxe innovative front wheel articulation, The Easy-Light offers 4-wheel stability with 3-wheel maneuverability. Its highly efficient motors give you that extra power and longevity to keep going when your on the go.

  • Compact design and ultra light weight.
  • Easily Folds Into "One" piece only weighing 54 pounds.
  • Folded Dimensions  40 x 15.75 x 22
  • Fits easily into the trunk of most any car.
  • Dual articulating front wheels Offer added stability.
  • Controls designed for both left handed & right handed users.
  • Automatic Electronic Braking System, stops immediately when the accelerator is released.





  Battery Light Indicator.
Delta Tiller.
Deluxe ABS Padded Seat.
Flat Free Easy Ride Tires.
Adjustable Folding Tiller.
Folding Frame.
Speed Control.
Keyed Ignition.
Left & Right Hand Controls.
Ultra Lightweight.
Easily Folds.
Fits In The Trunk Of Most Any Car.
Rear Wheel Drive.
Front Basket.
Under Seat Basket.
Cup Holder.
Cane Holder.
Saddle Bag.
Car Charger.
The Easy Light Deluxe Has A Finger Touch Reverse And An Automatic Electronic Braking System. The Easy Light Deluxe Is Also Equipped With Left And Right Hand Controls For Users That Only Have Use Of One Hand.
Be Sure That When Comparing Other Scooters That It Has Reverse & A Electronic Automatic Braking System (Not Simply Friction Hand Brakes Like A Bicycle)


The Easy Light Deluxe is one of the world's most stable scooters available due to its amazing engineering and four point seat structure. Most all scooters have a center seat post for the seat to be attached. That designed becomes very unstable on inclines due to the center of gravity. The Easy Light Deluxe four point design gives you 45% more stability on inclines than a scooter that uses a center seat post. 

The Easy Light Deluxe is the perfect transportable scooter using rear wheel drive. The  Easy Light Deluxe is the world's most Portable, Adjustable & Comfortable scooter available. The  Easy Light Deluxe is  only 22 wide and  and has a very efficient high torque motor with a strong ability to climb even steep inclines, ramps and hills. Due to The  Easy Light Deluxe innovative front wheel articulation, The  Easy Light Deluxe offers 4-wheel stability with 3-wheel maneuverability.


Four Point Design

Center Seat Post Design


                     Customer Survey



  Weight Warranty Wheels Range Turning Radius Capacity
Easy Light Deluxe 54 lb 2 Year 2x 8 12 Miles 28 Degrees 280 lb
Zoom 220 95 lb 1 Year 2x 6 8 Miles 28 Degrees 220 lb
Scootie 63 lb 1 Year 2x 8 7 Miles 29 Degrees 225 lb
Scootie Jr. 78 lb 1 Year 2x 8 7 Miles 33 Degrees 250 lb
Go Go 87 lb 1 Year 2x 7.5 7 Miles 32 Degrees 250 lb
Go Go Elite Traveler 96 lb 1 Year 2 x 8 7 Miles 37 Degrees 275 lb
Go Go Elite Traveler Plus 113 lb 1 Year 2 x 8 7 Miles 39 Degrees 300 lb
Go Go Ultra X 91 lb 1 Year 2x 8 7 Miles 37 Degrees 260 lb
Travel Pro 72 lb 1 Year 2x 8 7 Miles 37 Degrees 275 lb
Buzzaround 113 lb 1 Year 2x 8 10 Miles 32 Degrees 300 lb
Feather Light 69 lb 1 Year 2x 8 9 Miles 28 Degrees 280 lb
Garnet 97 lb 1 Year 2x 8 8 Miles 31 Degrees 225 lb
X-Tra Light 97 lb 6 Months 2x 8 8 Miles 31 Degrees 250 lb
Supper Light 102 lb 6 Months 2x 8 9 Miles 28 Degrees 250 lb
Plus III 101 lb 6 Months 3x 9 25 Miles 37 Degrees 300 lb



  The Easy Light Deluxe (Easy Travel Lite) Was Designed By A Crew Of Electrical And Mechanical Engineers With A Determination To Build A Scooter That Will Meet The Needs Of People That Will Be Transporting It In Their Vehicles For Use In Their Daily Life, As Well As For Those Whom Wish To Travel By Plain, Train, Bus Or By Ship To All Parts Of The World. With That Determination The Easy Light Deluxe Has Become Recognized Throughout The World As One Of The Most Portable Mobility Scooters Ever Built. Offering Power To Spare With Its Rear Wheel Drive Highly Efficient Motor Delivering High Torque For Steep Inclines And Longevity For Those Long Trips.


The Compact foldable design of
 the Easy-Light-Deluxe allows you to easily fold it into one lightweight
portable piece. It is easy to see
why the the Easy-Light-Deluxe is
one of the worlds most popular lightweight scooters.
  Only 54 Pounds




Traveling Has Never Been Easier With The Lexis Light And Its FAA Approved Non-Spill-able Battery Pack. Many Airlines Recommend The Foldable Lexis Light Scooter To The Public And Their Passengers.

Certificate Needed When Traveling By Air (Click Here)


Overall Length


Overall Width




Folded Dimensions

  40x 15.75x 22.5


  54 Pounds

Range (approximate)

  10 - 15 miles

Ground Clearance


Turning Radius


Tire Size

  8" Foam Filled


  Up to 3.8 MPH

Seat Dimensions






Back Rest Height


Seat Height From Floor


Electronic Brakes


Regenerative & Dynamic

  Posi-Lock Electric

Additional Braking


Rear Wheel Drive


Power Source

  12 Volt Battery Pack 19lb


  FAA Approved Non-Spill-able

Universal Charger

  110V OR 220V

Incline Stability


150 lbs.

  14 degree -22% grade

200 lbs.

  12 degree -20% grade

240 lbs.

  10 degree -18% grade

280 lbs.

  8 degree -14% grade

Structural Capacity

  280 Lbs.

Universal Controls

  Designed For Both Left & Right Hand.

Seat Structure

  4 Point Support & Memory Foam.

The Easy Light Deluxe
(Shown To The Left) without armrest however armrest are included at no charge and can be removed easily in the event you would rather not use them.

View Demo Video (Part 1)

View Demo Video (Part 2)




Now you receive a 2nd Battery Pack With Every Easy Light Deluxe. Never worry about how far you need to go when you have your Extra Battery you, Simply switch them out and off you go.

Receive A Free Front Basket.

Your front basket snaps on and off in seconds and has a weight capacity of 40 pounds.


Receive A Free Under Seat Basket In Addition To The Free Front Basket.

The Under Seat Basket holds your extra battery pack, groceries, purse and many other items perfectly.


Receive A Free DC Car Charger In Addition To The AC Home Charger.

Now charge your Easy Light Deluxe light from your vehicle.


Foldable Cup Holder Included Free

Easily fastens to the round tubing of the custom delta tiller. Can be installed on the left or right.


Receive A Free DX Halogen Head Light With Dual Pitch Horn.

The DX Halogen Head Light cast a bright wide beam of light and has a built in dual pitch sound that get peoples attention without alarming startling them.



The Easy Light Deluxe Has A Durable High Quality Automotive Finish That Is Extremely Resistant To Scratches & Chips, However In The Event You Would Like The Ability To Touch Up Scratches If They Should Occur Over The Years We Have Made Touch Up Paint Available Free With Every Order.


One Full Year In Home Service Limited Warranty.

Your new scooter comes with a full One Year In Home Service Warranty and a 2nd year parts warranty. Stop worrying about who would repair your scooter or how you would get your scooter to them. This warranty has you covered! We will send a trained professional repair technician directly to your home in the event your scooter should need repair. We cover the entire United States. The map below indicates the location of our service affiliates.


The Patented Locking Scooter Coach is now available for the Easy Light Deluxe Scooter. The Scooter Coach is a water proof trailer that allows you ten times the capacity to bring things along with you that you would normally leave behind as ell as a piece of mind knowing your items are under lock and key. The Scooter Coach not only can serve a safe locking cargo, it can also serve as a ice cooler to keep food and drinks cold as it is completely water tight and water proof with a weight capacity of 500 pounds.
  We include a Oxygen Tank Holder Free with the purchase of this scooter. This Oxygen Tank Holder will hold most any size tank. The chart shown on the left indicates with a red arrow all tank sizes this tank holder will accommodate. Also included free are all items listed below.



The Easy Light Deluxe Scooter




The Easy Light Deluxe Scooter
Qty: Price: $1699.

Please Select Color:
Silverado Silver
Inferno Red
Caribbean Blue
Jet Black
Perfectly Pink

2nd Back Up Battery Pack
Flip Up Adjustable Arm Rest
Cup Holder
Cane Holder
Saddle Bag
Arm Bag
Protective Nylon Cover
Automotive Car Charger
Front Basket
Extended Warranty 2 Years

Lithium Upgrade:
No Thank You.
Lithium Upgrade On One Battery Pack $298.
Lithium Upgrade On Both Battery Packs $596.

Scooter Coach:
No Thank You.
Patented Scooter Coach $287.

Select Shipping:
5 Day Standard Ground
Three Day Air $198.
Two Day Air $287.
Next Day Air $394.

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Note: Please be advised Easy Light Deluxe Scooters are selling fast. Offer is while supplies last. Many people ask, (Are all those items above marked as free actually included at NO charge). The answer is "YES" all items marked as free are included at no additional charge.




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