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September 11, 2022. Trapped inside one of the Twin Towers, Leigh Gilmore found herself scrambling for an exit before the building's collapse. It was her Ranger scooter, covered in dust, that plowed through the rubble and took her to safety. To this day, she and many others are puzzled how her Ranger scooter was able to function in these extreme conditions. View the video to hear how her Safari Scooter assisted her on this unforgettable day.

Video Courtesy of WBBM, Chicago.


I purchased a Solo 4 wheel scooter more than 15 years ago. It has never given me a moments problem. This last year I bought two used competing models. Only after owning them did I truly realize the exception quality of your machines. I thought all scooters disassembled as easily as yours and were built as well, I definitely realize that is not true now. The engineering design of your frame is truly innovative. Keep up the good work.

Bill Hanson

The Road Soldiers Cycling Club (of the Ohio Veterans Home) owns a custom painted ECV Ranger Mobility Scooter. It was chosen to be our Rescue Scooter for our Rescue Trailer which is used to go after and haul out riders AND their bikes (in one load!) who have problems on bike trails where motor vehicles are forbidden. The ECV and its trailer, painted up as an American Flag, are also parade vehicles and get salutes and attention by the public. Our ECV has the brute power, astounding turning radius, and sufficient range to meet these special needs. It is also water resistant and can do this in a pounding Ohio rain storm. No other scooter compares! The Road Soldiers Cycling Club

Lance Franke
Ohio Veterans Home, Sandusky, OH

Doctor wanted to have my father (86) get a scooter. We dealt with a local supplier and the only thing they were willing to provide was a electric chair which he qualified under Medicare. They were willing to provide a scooter at cost, but I was unwilling to deal with them since they were not honest and up front to begin with. I have an acquaintance who has one of your scooters (Safari Ranger) and was impressed by it and would like more information. Thank you.

Mark West

I've been using a Solo scooter for 11 years. Would like to replace with new.

Bernice Fahrer
Monroe Twp, NJ

I recently purchased a Ranger Safari scooter for my mother. This is her second ranger.

Audrey Lott
Butler, PA

One of our residents has one of your older models from 1997(?) and wants to know where he can have it serviced. Its still going strong just needs basic maintenance so it will continue to serve him. He is in no position to upgrade.

Kathy Mcalpin
Newnan, GA




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