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Many people with a difficult time with mobility have started using mobility scooters to get around places rather than being dependent on others. These mobility scooters are not only popular among the disabled or elderly people; they are also popular among young and healthy people from all walks of life. With a Luggie folding scooter or the Lexis Light foldable scooter available in the market; mobility scooters have reached a greater range of people. The Luggie folding scooter or the Lexis Light foldable scooter can be folded easily to make the travel very comfortable. It is very lightweight and while it is folded it maintains its structure and durability. It has ergonomic design which gives the best comfortable ride along with independence. Though this scooter can be folded and is a very lightweight scooter it does not compromise on giving its user a comfortable ride wherever they want to go.

The following features will help you to know how traveling is made easy by both the Luggie Folding Scooter or the Lexis Light foldable Scooter:

It is a folding scooter which can fit in a trunk of any car when folded.

It performs well in all kind of outdoor terrains and any environment.

It has weight carrying capacity is of 250 lbs.

It can run smoothly for 11 miles before it needs to be charged again.

This luggie scooter has the speed limit of 4 mph. It is not a great speed but fulfills the requirement of mobility very well.

The tillers are adjustable in height as well so the riders can fix it in a way that best suits them.

This scooter is purposefully made light weight allowing its users to carry it easily.

The weight of this scooter is 51.7 pounds without the battery and 56.1 pounds with the battery.

This scooter is acceptable for all kind of transportation facility - boat, plain, railway or car.

Luggie scooter can be placed in a carrying case that looks like a suitcase and passes through the baggage check without any problem.

It comes in four vibrant colors red, yellow, blue and champagne.

The best part of this scooter is that it has anti tip rear wheels.

The freerider luggie folding scooters comes with standard battery charger, armrests, under seat carry bag and a universal cup holder.

Other accessories that you can buy for your scooter includes soft or hard suitcase bags, off-board charger, walker holder, weather cover etc.


It does not matter whether you travel for business or pleasure, the Luggie folding scooter or the Lexis Light foldable scooter will perform well and meet your needs in best way. These folding scooters are the most excellent option for those who like to travel, as both scooters fold in a way that it becomes very easy to take it along with you when you travel. You also do not need to invest into expensive lifts to carry either one of the scooters where ever you go. If you want greater freedom of mobility at a low investment then visit us online at .

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