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CTM began business in 1975, supplying high-quality parts to the motorbike industry. In the 1990s, they began to adapt that experience and knowledge to design and build high quality mobility scooters.

In 1995, the CTM Homecare division was set up, and they produced their first mobility scooter. Since then, that part of their business has grown rapidly they now distribute their scooters in 20 countries.

CTM mobility scooters are exceptionally good value for money, they are strong, durable and comfortable, yet are not expensive. CTM's unique background in the motorbike components industry is what allows them to achieve this balance.

CTM Mobility Scooter Range

CTM currently have 10 mobility scooters in their range. The range consists of seven models that are designed primarily for pavement and shopping centre use and three that are designed specifically for use on the roads. CTM mobility scooters can accommodate people weighing up to 500IBs. They are capable of speeds of between 4.4mph and 8mph and have a range of between 5.6 and 23.4 miles.

The turning radius of CTM's mobility scooters vary, their lightweight scooters can turn in a radius of as little as 39.6 inches; their larger and road legal scooters need up to 68.1 inches

All of CTM's scooters come with baskets and flip up armrests, and are finished in a choice of three colours. The more expensive models also have swivel seats, lights, mirrors and under seat storage.

Footpath CTM Mobility Scooters

There are seven models of CTM mobility scooter that are designed to be used in the home, on pavements and in shopping centres. In some countries, the larger models in this range are also allowed on the road, but not in all countries. If you want to use your mobility scooter on the road, it is wise to check the rules in your country before you buy.

Three of the scooters in the range have 3 wheels for added manoeuvrability. The remaining four in the range have 4 wheels, so have wider turning circles.

The lightest in the footpath range is the HS-125 which weighs just 80IBs including the battery. It can be folded down for compact storage.

The HS 570 and HS 580 have the best range of CTM's pavement legal scooters. They can cover just over 18 miles on a fully charged battery.

Road Legal CTM Mobility Scooters

CTM's road class mobility scooters come fitted with lights, a rear-view mirror, indicators, reflectors, a handbrake and are capable of travelling at 8mph making them road legal in most countries.

They all have fully adjustable captain's chairs, so can be comfortably used for several hours. Their range is around 22 miles, and they can deal with inclines of up to 12 degrees depending on the model brought. All three scooters in the range have kerb climbers fitted as standard.


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