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ShopRider XLR PLUS - Power Chair



Introducing a new member to Shoprider's XLR PLUS® series power chairs, the XLR PLUS offers the enhanced stability of all 6 points of contact with the ground and true mid-wheel drive technology. The XLR PLUS beautifully captures the functionality and maneuverability for someone on the go. Ride along with confidence with the exceptional quality you can always find in a Shoprider brand power chair.

• Luxurious leatherette seat
• Front and Rear suspension
• Features a responsive VSI controller
• Stable four post seating system
• Reclining seat and adjustable seat height
• Adjustable length, height and angle foot plate
• Adjustable width, height and flip-up arm rest
• Midwheel drive maneuverability
• 10” wheels
• 300 lb. capacity
• Maximum and Minimum seat height is measured from floor to top of seat cushion
• Unit speed and range will vary with respect to terrain and weight of rider
• Controller type subject to change without notice





Owners Manual


Cut Sheet


Base Length 30"
Base Width 22"
Height 38.6"
Ground Clearance 3"
User Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Total Weight (w/ Bat's & Seat) 187 lbs
Weight w/o Front Rigging & Batts 131 lbs
Battery Weight Module (U1) 30 lbs each
Front castor Assy 7"
Mid Wheel Tire Flat Free 10"
Rear castor Assy 5"
BAT-U1 Module Capacity 12v50Ah x2
Charger-Off Board 5 amp
Horsepower 0.8 x2**
Turning Radius 18"
Range up to 17.5 miles
Maximum Speed 5 mph
Maximum Climbing Angle 10% / 6°
All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Shoprider Mobility Products, Inc® reserves the rights of any changes to the unit:
1) Include the anti-tip wheel or rear castor.
2) Driver Weight may exceed weight of the unit; speed must be reduced when turning.
3) The actual driving range varies with the factors shown below:
a) The weight of user.
b) Ground surface and terrain.
c) Battery capacity and conditions.
d) Type of charger.
e) Ambient Temperature.
f) The way and/or method of driving.
g) If the battery and mechanical moving parts are fully broken in.



One Full Year In Home Service Limited Warranty.

Your new wheelchair comes with a full One Year In Home Service Warranty. Stop worrying about who would repair your wheelchair or how you would get your wheelchair to them. This warranty has you covered! We will send a trained professional repair technician directly to your home in the event your wheelchair should need repair. We cover the entire United States. The map below indicates the location of our service affiliates.

Personalize your new wheelchair. Its Free & Easy, Simply select letter of font style below you like and enter it in the order form along with the name or text you would like to use to personalize your new wheelchair.




C   D
E   F
G   H
I   J
  We include a Oxygen Tank Holder Free with the purchase of this wheelchair. This Oxygen Tank Holder will hold most any size tank. The chart shown on the left indicates with a red arrow all tank sizes this tank holder will accommodate. Also included free are all items listed below.



Shoprider XLR PLUS - Power Chair - FREE SHIPPING



Shoprider XLR PLUS - Power Chair

Qty: Price: $4299.


Base Scooter:

Bat-50 50 AMP-12V Battery Group 22NF

Seats (W"xD"xH"):
SV191820RG Upgrade 19x18 Recline High-Back Grey Vinyl - NO CHARGE
SV201820RB 20x18x20 Recline Black Pillow Top - Add $375.
SV2121211/2RG 21X21X21 1/2 Recline Capt Seat-Grey Vinyl - Add $400.
SV2121211/2RB 21x21x21 1/2 Recline Capt Seat-Black Vinyl - Add $400.
SC201822RG Upgrade 20x18 Recline High-Back Grey Cloth - Add $390.
SP181821RG Upgrade 18in Seat Pan/Capt back/Reclining - Add $390.
1340-00100-00 13.5in-18in Adjustable Width-Depth Adjustable - NO CHARGE

Seat Cushion Options:
SRCOMBOB 18x16x2 & 18x17 Lumbar Seat & Back - Add $182.
SRCOMBOBF 18x16x2 & 18x17 Flat Seat & Back - Add $182.
SRCOMBOBOC 18x18x2 & 18x17 Lumbar Seat & Back - Add $182.
SRCOMBOCF 18x18x2 & 18x17 Flat Seat & Back - Add $182.

Foot Rest:
2329-00100-11 Full Function Foot Plate - INCLUDED
ELRJET-R(K) Elevating Leg Rest Kit in Red - Add $232.
ELRJET-B(K) Elevating Leg Rest Kit in Black - Add $232.
800907-007-00 Swing Away Foot Rest (R) - Add $80.
800907-007-01 Swing Away Foot Rest (L) - Add $80.

Joystick Mount:
Right Mount
Left Mount

109201-88124 5 amp Charger Off-Board - INCLUDED

Car Charger:
No Thank You
Car Charger -

International Charger:
No Thank You
International Charger -

Armrest Bag:
No Thank You
Armrest Bag -

Cane Holder:
No Thank You
Cane Holder -

Safety Flag:
No Thank You
Safety Flag -

All Weather Nylon Cover:
No Thank You
All Weather Nylon Cover -

Collapsible Umbrella With Mounting Bracket:
No Thank You.
Collapsible Umbrella With Bracket

Oxygen Tank Holder:
No Thank You.
Oxygen Tank Holder

Cup Holder:
No Thank You.
Cup Holder

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