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Name:  Comfort Contego Digital Listening System
Part Number: CO-CONTEGO

Comfort Contego is a digital secure communication system with a zoom microphone on both the transmitter and the receiver.

The perfect wireless communication system for the hard of hearing. Sound is picked up by the transmitter and sent to the receiver for improved hearing in noisy situations. The receiver may be used alone as a personal listener by activating the built-in microphone. Both the transmitter and receiver microphones operate in omni-directional or directional mode for use in a wide range of settings.


  The transmission is a digital, coded radio signal. The transmitter and receiver are paired, making the signal between them very secure and almost impossible to intercept. There is an easy to use menu display on both the transmitter and receiver. The receiver controls the volume of both the transmitter and receiver microphones.  
At work, the Contego helps in most situations. At meetings with more than one person, place the transmitter on the desk in omni-directional mode to pick up voices all around. In meetings where there is a main speaker, use the transmitter for the other speaker and put the receiver microphone on omni-directional to pick up voices around you. The security of Contego makes it almost impossible to intercept the signal.

At home, use the Contego for conversation, or watching TV. Connect the transmitter to the TV with the sound cord (included)to hear the sound clearly. Place the receiver between you and another person to listen to the TV while being able to hear everything the other person says.

  The choices are many - riding in a car, at social gatherings, at a restaurant, in a classroom. Contego is the right choice for all of them.  

The Contego comes with the transmitter, receiver, both headphones and earphones, TV connection cord, rechargeable batteries with charger cable, and carrying case. 

For those with hearing aids and telecoils, a model is available with a neckloop instead of the headphones and earphones.




The Congo

The Congo

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