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Name:  Motiva PFM330
from Williams Sound
Part Number: WM-PFM330SYS

The Smarter FM System

The Motiva PFM 330 System delivers superior FM audio and enhances sound by overcoming distance and background nose. Use it when watching TV, conversing in a crowd, at a restaurant, or in classroom or group settings.

The transmitter has a lapel microphone as well as an auxiliary input jack that can be used with the stereo input cable (included) to connect to an MP3 player, TV headphone jack, or other sound source for a wireless listening experience. The microphone can be used at the same time to mix both an audio program and a speaker's voice.

Perfect for classrooms, Motiva maximizes a student's ability to hear and ensures that the teacher's message is heard clearly. With the PFM 330 System, the student can hear just the FM transmission from the teacher, just the sound from the audio input cable, or a mix of the two signals. The transmitter has a microphone mute button for privacy. With 16 channels possible, multiple units can be used in close proximity without interference.

For the hearing aid user, a neck-loop is available to use the induction tele-coil in the hearing aids for wireless listening.

Mo-tiva can be customized to meet your specific hearing needs with selectable compression and adjustable frequency response. Features 16 selectable channels on the 72-76 MHz frequency with an operating range of up to 150 feet. No-slip rubberized sides ensure easy handling for all users.

Includes, belt clip transmitter, lavalier microphone, receiver with mini earphone, stereo auxiliary input cable, system carry case, tuning tool, and 4 AA alkaline batteries. Five year warranty.

PFM 330 System
Receiver has a sensitive microphone which can be used to hear environmental sounds in addition to, or instead of, the sound coming from the transmitter. WM-PFM330SYS

Name:  Wilkliams Sound
Induction Neckloop
Part Number:  WM-NKL001



Motivia WM-PFM330SYS-RCH

Motivia WM-PFM330SYS-RCH
Qty: Price: $699.

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Two Full Years $89.
Three Full Years $137.

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Three Day Air $37.
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Neck Loop:
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