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Name:  C900 Amplified Mobile Phone WE-C900
Part Number: WE-C900
  More than just a mobile phone, this is mobile peace of mind.

The Clarity-Life C900
is developed for seniors, people with hearing, sight and dexterity challenges and people that only want the basic cell phone functionality including speech and security.

The Clarity-Life C900� gives you the freedom to stay connected with the ones you love and know that help is available wherever you go.

In case of emergency, press the red button on the back and send an emergency assistance message to up five friends or family members you have programmed into the phone.


Amplifies up to 20 decibels (Hearing Aid Compatible)
Simple, Easy to Use Phone
Large buttons for easy dialing
See clearly with the large backlit screen and large text size
Easily place and receive calls with large 4-button operation
In case of an emergency, get help quickly by pressing the red emergency button.
Flashing Visual Ringer
Strong Vibrating Ringer
Send and Receive Text Messages
200 Phonebook Memory
Program phonebook by sending text message
Built-in Flashlight



 The Clarity-Life C900 Amplified Mobile Phone is an unlocked GSM phone that can be used with different GSM compatible carriers worldwide. To get the phone working, all that is needed to do is put the carrier's SIM card into the phone. Unlocked phones can be used within the United States using T-Mobile and AT&T and with many other GSM service providers in the world.

After purchasing a C900, simply visit your preferred wireless carrier (T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.) and they will provide you with the SIM card you need to get your C900 working. Installation is easy and most carriers can do this for you on-site. See the C900 User Guide for more details.


 C900 Amplified Mobile Phone WE-C900


C900 Amplified Mobile Phone WE-C900
Qty: Price: $229.

Select Warranty Options:
One Full Year
Two Full Years $89.
Three Full Years $137.

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Three Day Air $37.
Two Day Air $62.
Next Day Air $98.

Instant Internet Rebate:
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