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Name:  Uniphone
TTY/Telephone Combination UT-UNI-PHONE
Part Number: UT-UNI-PHONE
  Combination telephone and TTY with VCO capabilities.....
Model 1140 Features:
Full-featured TTY with easy to read 48-character display
Amplified handset approximately 25dB
Use as TTY or for VCO (voice carrry over) conversations
8K memory for storing TTY conversations and auto-answer messages
Programmed auto-answer greeting
Acts as answering machine for TTY messages
Advanced calling features such as auto-busy redial and wait for response
One year warranty

How Does Voice Carry Over Work?

Voice Carry Over - VCO - lets individuals with a hearing loss continue to use their own voice on the telephone. Calls made through your state relay service allow you to speak to the person you are calling and read what they say to you as it is typed by the relay operator. That side of the conversation shows on the display of your VCO telephone or adapter. The relay service is free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is provided by the local phone service and can be accessed in all areas by dialing 711. Some locations provide a separate relay number for VCO calls. Check your local phone book. The only charge would be normal long distance charges if you are calling outside your local area. You must use a VCO capable phone or a TTY and a telephone to make VCO calls. If the person you are calling has a TTY, you do not need to use the relay service. You can call direct.





TTY/Telephone Combination UT-UNI-PHONE


TTY/Telephone Combination UT-UNI-PHONE
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