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Name:  Sennheiser Set830
Infrared TV Listening
Part Number: SH-SET830
  Enjoy TV and music in perfect comfort with the new Sennheiser Set 830-TV
World Class Sennheiser sound quality!
It�s always nice to settle down in front of the TV in the comfort of your own home. The new Set 830 system from Sennheiser lets you listen in optimum comfort without any disturbance. The listening system connects directly to a TV, hi-fi system or radio, guaranteeing excellent stereo sound that can be individually adjusted to the listener�s hearing ability. And there are no annoying wires either, as the signals are transmitted by infra-red light up to a distance of 13 feet. Ergonomically designed controls and visual feedback for individual operations make the system exceptionally easy to handle. Set 830 is a stethoset version. For an induction version to use with hearing aids, see Set 830 S.


Enjoy TV or music in complete relaxation
Have you ever wanted to enjoy TV sound at your own personal volume and sound settings? No problem with Set 830-TV. In addition to the volume and balance control, the infra-red set also has selectable hearing settings that allow the speech intelligibility to be adapted precisely to the listener�s personal hearing ability. A switchable compression function balances out unpleasant differences in volume between quiet and loud sounds. In the Set 830-TV version, the trebles can also be individually adjusted, a particularly useful feature when watching television. When you�re watching your favorite TV show, you want to be able to understand what everyone is saying. For that reason, speech intelligibility is very important, and that is largely determined by the high frequencies. When the volume of these frequencies is raised, speech becomes much clearer and easier to understand.
Cordless listening in full comfort 
Infra-red technology allows you to listen in comfort up to a distance of thirteen feet from the set�s transmitter without the hindrance of wires. The transmitter is simply connected to an audio source and the signal is transmitted to the earphones via infra-red light. As soon as the system is switched on, it becomes apparent how easy it is to use it. For example, the receiver is automatically switched on when the earbows are opened slightly ready for wearing. As soon as it is removed, the receiver switches itself off automatically after 30 seconds. To recharge the receiver it just needs to be placed in the  transmitter station � regardless in which direction. Visual feedback on individual operations ensures that the set�s operating status is clearly displayed.

The transmitter with its integrated charging station and the stethoset receiver has an elegant black and red design, finished off with silver trim elements. A high-performance rechargeable lithium-polymer battery guarantees up to twelve hours of undisturbed and uninterrupted listening pleasure. The soft, adjustable ear pads and a weight of just over 2 ounces ensure that the earphones remain comfortable even after long periods of use. They are the perfect companion for cozy evenings in front of the TV. Two year warranty.

For the user with hearing aids, the SET830-S has a built in induction neckloop to optimize the sound by using your hearing aids.

Delivery Includes
  • 1 RI 830 stethoset receiver
  • 1 TI 830 transmitter
  • 1 BA 300 battery
  • 2 pairs of replacement earpads
  • 1 power supply with national adapters for EU, UK, US
  • 1 TV RCA adapter
  • 1 TV SCART adapter
  • 1 TV connection cable with two 3.5 mm stereo jack plugs and one adapter to �� (6.3 mm) jack socket


Infered TV Listening SH-SET830


Inferred TV Listening SH-SET830
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