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Name:  Companion Mics System
  Companion Mics system includesThe Companion Mics system was developed to help those who have significant difficulty understanding conversation in background noise, such as encountered in restaurants and other noisy places. Our quality of life depends to a great extent on our ability to communicate with family and friends. When this ability is compromised, there is a tendency to withdraw. With the Companion Mics system, those who have been excluded from conversation in noisy places can enjoy social situations and fully participate again.


The Companion Mics System consists of one Listener Unit (receiver) and three Talker Units (transmitters). The Talkers are all able to transmit sound to the Listener at the same time. This is especially nice for someone who is hard of hearing and is in a social situation, dinner, playing cards, etc., where they need to hear several other people at once. The quality of sound with this System is excellent!  The noise-isolating earphones on the Listener effectively block out surrounding noise so the sound from the Talkers is all you hear. A master volume control on the Listener unit adjusts the microphones on all units simultaneously, and each Talker unit has an independent volume control to fine tune the individual microphones.

The transmitting range is up to 150 feet. The technology used is a 2.4 GHz band, frequency-hopping technique. The chance of interference from microwaves, other Companion Mics systems, or other users of 2,4 GHz is minimized, so that 10 or more sets can operate with little audible interference even if they are in the same room.

System Includes

  • Listener Unit
  • Three Talker Units (standard configuration)*
  • One Pair of Etymotic Research 6i Isolator� Earphones (3.5mm plug)
  • Charging Unit
  • AC Adapter
  • Carrying Case
  • User Guide

* A Fourth Talker Unit can be purchased

Listener Options

  • Noise-Isolating Earphones (included)
    Companion Mics are shipped with ER-6i noise-isolating earphones. These earphones can be used by normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners.
  • Use with hearing aid T-coils coupled with neckloop (not included)
  • Cochlear Implant; direct audio input
  • Other direct audio input devices that have a 3.5 mm plug may also be compatible

Companion Mics� and Isolator� are trademarks of Etymotic Research, Inc. The Companion Mics system is covered by U.S. patent: #5,966,639 and other patents pending. Isolator earphones are covered by the following U.S. patents: #4,677,679, #ER083114 0306 #4,763,753, #5,887,070 and other patents pending.

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