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Name:  ELT Compact Infrared Receiver
Part Number: ELT-IRR-C

NEW!  AudioLINK "compact" Infrared Receivers

Something NEW in personal infrared listening systems. Super small and lightweight "compact" receivers to match all most commonly used infrared transmitters. Use them at home with your current IR transmitter or match the frequency of your favorite theater(s) and take it with you. No more hassle checking out their equipment only to find that the batteries are dead or it doesn't work with your hearing aids. Connect to one of the newest hearing aid wireless communications devices such as the Phonak i-Com or Smart Link, or the Oticon Epoc streamer with the patch cord that comes with the device.



Choose your frequency -
95 KHz
is the older standard. thousands of established public venues use this frequency. ELT equipment in this frequency will be gray in color.

2.3/2.8 MHz
 stereo high band frequency that is less susceptible to interference. or 2.3MHz Mono . These units are best for home use. They are less susceptible to interference from fluorescent light sources and the light emitted from the larger flat panel TVs. There is a growing number of stereo installations or 2.3 mono public venues. The receivers are also compatible with Group "A" channels used in many automotive video systems. ELT equipment in this frequency range is white in color.

The receivers are very small - 3.75 in. x 1.0 in. x .75 in.- with a 3.5mm stereo jack to plug in your own listening option.
They work with any stereo earphone, ear-buds, noise canceling headphones, as well as a comprehensive range of hearing aid or CI accessories including high performance neck-loops and silhouettes.
Has a built-in clip for pocket or shirt front.
A theater tote is included for taking it with you.
No "special" batteries are needed. Two AAA alkaline batteries will give up to 140 hours of use.

Accessories: For use with hearing aids having a manual telecoil option.
PT Tools Neckloop
Induction neckloop to use with hearing aid or cochlear processor telecoils. Shorter tail makes it the perfect length to hang the receiver around your neck. ELT-NKLP
PT Tools Induction Silhouette Earhooks
Slim, earhook style silhouette for one or both ears. Work with your telecoil for a strong, clear induction signal. Stereo plug. Shorter length designed for the receiver. ELT-SIL-1 $45.00 monaural ELT-SIL-2





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