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GimpGear Ultimate Arcade Quadriplegic Game Controller


Get your game on!  Designed for anyone with movement in one or both arms.  No hand function, grasp, or finger dexterity required!


Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PC USB, Wii Classic, Xbox, GameCube, N64, Sega Genesis, Nintendo and most other remote control devices such as planes, trains, race cars, and robots!
Architecture provides versatility, backward compatibility and probable future upgradability.

Quads with some arm movement but limited or no hand/finger dexterity
2 large arcade-style extremely accurate right and left analog joysticks wrapped in our sticky rubber wrap so you can lay your palms over them and obtain excellent control.
1 large digital joystick replaces OEM controller D-Pad (crosshairs)
Large arcade style buttons that are easy to whack with side of hand/fist
4 extra-large 2" buttons replace X,Triangle, Square, & Circle
4 large 1.5" buttons replace R1, L1, R2, & L2 shoulder/trigger buttons
3 medium 1" buttons replace Start, Select, System, Left & Right Joystick buttons
3.5 mm Ability Switch Jacks for L1, R1 and L2, R2 trigger buttons for hands-free control by adding Sip & Puff Switches, a Bite Switch, etc. such as to fire while keeping hands on joysticks such as in first person shooter games or more responsive, relaxed racing
Split into two parts for optimal positioning based on user preference or even reversible from left to right.  For quads with limited chest and back muscles, can be positioned on outsides of wheelchair armrests improving posture and playability.
Quads with movement in only one arm play very effectively by controlling one analog joystick with chin/mouth utilizing optional 3rd Hand Gaming Mount for Chin/Mouth Control
Completely custom configurable.  i.e.: Reverse left and right joysticks or switch which button(s) control which function.


Choose one or more Integrated Handheld Controllers for 100% compatibility with PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, & more
All interchangeable- will plug into any of the Modular Gaming System controllers: Ultimate Arcade, Versatility, Mouth Joystick
Cooperative 2-person gaming possible!  Joysticks and most buttons on handheld standard controller remain functional (one person moves character while other person aim's & fires)


Shipping Now!  First-come-first-served (Please allow 1 week to custom build yours)


Ultimate Arcade Quadriplegic Game Controller

Ultimate Arcade Quadriplegic Game Controller

Select Type:
PS3 - X-BOX 360 & PC (Two Hand Held Controllers) $1199.
PS2 Plus Adapters for PS3 - X-BOX 360 - PC & Wii Game Cube Package $989.
Playstation 3 & PC $899.

Add Integrated Sip & Puff Switches on Gaming Headset (for triggers-L1-R1-L2-R2) $299.
External Sip & Puff & Latching Puff Switches for Gaming w/Headset $299.
Bite Switch (great for acceleration/gas in racing games) $149.
Pair Fist/Foot Switches (guests and send it or scope/trigger anywhere) $125.
Dual Pushbutton Switches $129.95
Dual Tilt Switches (tilt head side to side) $199.
NEW PS2 to Xbox 360 Adapter $75.
PS2 to Wii (as GameCube Classic) and GameCube Adapter $59.
PS2 to USB Windows Programmable Adapter $59.
PS2 to Xbox (Original) Adapter $59.
Controller Adaption Service (Sega Nintendo others) $449.
Remote Control Car Airplane Boat custom integrated controller (engineering & labor) $499.
3rd Hand Gaming Mount for 1 Arm + Chin Control $225.
1.5" Lip/Mouth Control Joystick Extensions $69.





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