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Also supports PC USB, Nintendo Wii as GameCube Classic Controller, GameCube, Original Xbox Original, and PS3 with optional adapters.  Select from variety of unique Ability Switches.


Important Note: Joystick will only function as digital D-pad on PS2 Slim, PS3, Xbox, GameCube, & PC. On these consoles, Joystick will not support complex games requiring use of analog thumb joysticks on Sony OEM controller. If unsure,try playing your game using only the D-pad crosshairs and buttons on a standard controller before ordering.  We can optionally switch adapt the joystick for you also. This provides 4 ability switch jacks for up, down, left, and right such as pictured on the side of Wii controller below for individuals who can operate ability switches better than the joystick.



Wii Classic Controller Xbox 360 Live & PC USB


Perfect companion to new accessible Windows PC games from Vtree and EA Sports!  My Football Game offers accessibility through software settings to slow down the game, offer alternative control scenarios for simplified game play. My Golf Game will begin shipping in mid-March.


Joystick controls D-pad only, does not control small analog thumb joysticks on Microsoft OEM controller.
Plugs into Wiimote as Expansion, supports Classic Controller compatible games.  Perfect with new Switch Adapted Wiimote!


(Xbox 360 controller comments apply to this Wiimote classic controller also)


Single Joystick, Switch Adapted Arcade Style Controllers

Single Joystick, Switch Adapted Arcade Style Controllers

Windows PC USB & Xbox 360 Live Controller $299.
My Football Game by Vtree & EA Sports $49.
My Golf Game (Shipping in March) by Vtree & EA Sports $49.
Interactive PC Gaming Voice Control Software $65.
PlayStation 2 Controller $249.
PS2 to PC USB Programmable $59.
Interactive PC Gaming Voice Control Software $85.
PS2 to Nintendo Wii (as a Gamecube Classic Controller) Adapter $49.
PS2 to Xbox (Original not 360) Adapter $59.
PS2 to PS3 Adapter $49.
Nintendo Wii Classic Controller $299.
PlayStation 3 Controller (Fighting & arcade games) & PC $299.
2 Fist/Foot Switches $79.
Small 5 Switch Joystick (PS2/PS3 only) $129.
Medium 5 Switch Joystick (PS2/PS3 only) $129.
Large 5 Switch Joystick (PS2/PS3 only) $129.
Dual Pushbutton Switches $129.
Sip & Puff Switches on Gaming Headset $199.
Single Eyebrow Switch $139.
Dual Eyebrow Switches $199.




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