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Tilting head side to side or front and back controls left analog joystick.  Use the ability switches to activateStart, X, Circle, Square, and Triangle.  There is no adapted control over right analog joystick or L1, L2, R1, & R2.  Select appropriate games, rent, or refer to suggested list below!
(Used games from GameStop can be returned or exchanged.)


Upgrades & Options
Joystick Extensions
Increases length of each joystick by 1.5" to make them easier to operate for individuals with limited dexterity.
Image Coming Soon
3rd Hand Gaming Chin/Tongue Control Mount
PS2 to Multisystem Adapter
Supports Xbox, GameCube, PC Computer USB, and limited PS3 support
Converts any PS/PS2 game controller to Xbox, GameCube, or PC USB
PS3 untested. Limited game support.
Supports vibration feedback
Use Joystick as Computer Mouse
Certain functions in some game titles may not be ideally supported by adapters or require creating a custom controller layout with adapters.
PS2 to PC Programmable USB Adapter
Remap any button as you need
Auto Fire capabilities for any/all buttons
PS2 to Xbox 360 Adapter
Compatibility tested by
Also supports PC mouse and keyboard
Newest Sniper Plus version
Requires an original Xbox360 wired controller
Supports PS2 controllers
Supports USB (or PS2) mice & keyboards
Mouse sensitivity adjust function
Autofire function
Can map all controller keys & joysticks


Dream-Gamer PS2 Cap Game Controller

Dream-Gamer PS2 Cap Game Controller
Qty: Price: $339.

1.5" Joystick Extensions $39.95
PS2 to PS3 Adapter $49.95
New PS2 to Xbox 360 Adapter $45.89
PS2 to Wii (as GameCube Classic) and GameCube Adapter $39.95
PS2 to PC USB Programmable Adapter $39.95
PS2 to Original Xbox Adapter $39.95
PS2 or Mouse & Keyboard to Xbox 360 Mappable Adapter $149.95
3rd Hand Gaming Chin/Tongue Control Mount $224.95

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Next Day Air $89.90




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