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Lap Top On Wheels Lap Top Computer Wheelchair Mount
Securely and conveniently mounts laptops, tablets, augmentative communication devices, even reading stands and trays on wheelchair. Does not add width to wheelchair to catch in doorways!  Quickly removed when not in use.




Choice of Mount Type
Double Arm
Single Arm
Tilt'n Turner
Each Mount Includes:
Wheelchair/Bed Bracket
8", 12", 18", or 24" Post
Locking Tilt Module
Quick Release Plate
Adapter Plate


1" Round Tubing Clamp
T-Nuts for compatible wheelchair seat frame
2nd Quick Release Plate
12" x 12" Poly-Carbonate Tray
12" x 16" Poly-Carbonate Tray with bottom lip for books, etc.
3rd Hand Cell Phone attachment for tray edge
2nd Locking Tilt Module for Device on tray edge
Table Clamp
2nd Wheelchair/Bed Bracket


The Lap Top On Wheels is a powerful new mounting system designed with a renewed focus on the user. While other mounts place devices at a fixed position, Lap Top On Wheels can easily be moved into and out of position, independently.


The Lap Top On Wheels system lets individuals choose where and when their mount is positioned devices, trays or laptops can be at-the-ready, not in-the-way.


Lap Top On Wheels's two ergonomic access points make adjustments easy, and with simple setup and lock positions, Lap Top On Wheels will fit, and return to, any position that works for the individual.


Two easy-to-use actuators: An easy-access paddle unlocks a pivoting wrist joint while the hoop unlocks both the shoulder and elbow joints.
One-handed operation: Simply press the hoop and move. Mountín Mover automatically finds its next lock position.
Customizable: Set user-specific lock positions with a flick-of-a-switch. 12 memory lock settings per joint, for over 1,700 possible lock positions! Joint friction is adjustable. Each Mountín Mover includes a universal quick release plate.


Universal attachment plates mount anything up to 15 pounds:
Communication devices
Laptop computers
Eyegaze systems
Trays for work, study, or eating
Reading stands
Easels and other crafts
Remote controls or ECU (VoiceIR Infrared Voice Controller)
Cell phone, Camera, Video Camera
Keyboard / Mouse
and more!


Laptop, work surface, etc. adjustable for pan, tilt, and rotation
Entire mount height adjustable
3 individual pivot points with programmable stops for perfectly repeatable positioning
Swings out-of-the-way for transfers
Tucks in tight to wheelchair to not catch in doorways
Breakaway feature prevents damage if accidentally run into doorway
Pull up to tables by positioning slightly above table surface or simply swing out-of-the-way.
Made from stylish lightweight extruded aluminum


Versatile Mounting Options
Easily attaches to most power wheelchair seat frames just below thigh utilizing existing T-Nut slots or any two pre-existing holes
I attaching to seat frame instead of wheelbase allows mount to move with individual through seat tilt and recline positioning changes
Round tube mounting adapter for frames ranging from 7/8" to 1-1/2" in diameter
Pre-drilled mounting plates for Permobile and Invacare Storm TDX under investigation!


Plug into Your Wheelchair Batteries
PowerCheq Mobile Power Kit  $269


Small Electronics Wheelchair Battery Power Adapters
Plugs into Charging Socket
Tekkeon myPowerAll
Multi-Voltage Battery Kit
$99 (Discounted open box unit)
Plug laptop, augmentative communication devices, cell, heating pad, massager, lights, video games, and more into Wheelchair!
Go 25% further / charge
Triples Battery Life
Any Power Wheelchair
Simply plug into Charging Socket on rear or side of wheelchair
1.5V to 12V devices 2 Amp or less
Battery terminal direct unit available for wheelchairs with charging socket on joystick controller
Features Built-in Voltage Converter




Camera Mount for Wheelchair Photography


I have been learning and enjoying photography for four years. As my skills have grown, so too has my investment in bigger and better camera equipment. Most serious photographers have a tripod, but tripods aren't easy to use or haul around when you are sitting in a wheelchair. Recently, however I tested the Lap Top On Wheels mounting system as the base for a wheelchair-mounted tripod and found it greatly improved my photography.


A very clever new system designed by Bluesky Designs. It is designed for all types of applications and in my case, I added a Jobu gimbal head and now have a pretty slick mobile tripod for my cameras. The arm mounts to any wheelchair using a universal adapter plate. With two 360 degree rotating arms, I can swing the camera into just about any angle I need. Combined with the gimbal head, panning sports action very fluid and steady. As well, wildlife photography, which require patients, is much easier. My new 'quadpod' offers advantages that even an able-bodied shooter would envy.


The Lap Top On Wheels is designed to support 15 lbs. I tested the arm with a Nikon D300, a Nikon 70-200mm lens, a 1.7x converter and the gimbal head. I calculate the combination weighs a total of 6 lbs, and the fully extended arm easily holds the load. One feature of the arm that makes it very functional is the ability to easily lock the two arms into various angles and hold. With the click of the lever, you can release the setting and adjust arm.


With the Lap Top On Wheels, I have turned my wheelchair into a rolling tripod. I can now focus my efforts on taking photos, and not be so concerned with holding the camera steady.



A tablet would be a great solution for someone who uses voice-recognition or adaptive communications software and does not need a keyboard.  (Although a keyboard can be used)


Smaller units and units with built-in finger touchpad's are also available perfect for adding adaptive communication software.



Lap Top On Wheels

Lap Top On Wheels

Select Type:
Dual Arm $1299.
Single Arm $1199.
Tilt-N-Turn $1099.

Select Post Length:
8" Inch
12" Inch
18" Inch (Most Common)
24" Inch
36" Inch
1" Round Tubing Clamp $45.
T-Nuts for compatible wheelchair seat frames $39.
2nd Universal Quick Release Plate $85.
12"x 12" Poly-Carbonate Tray $165.
12"x 12" Poly-Carbonate Tray With Lip $185.
2nd Wheelchair/Bed Bracket $135.
Power Source Mobile Power Kit $289.
Wheelchair Charging Socket Battery Power Adapter $199.
Wheelchair Power Adapter DC For Lap Top $299.

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