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USB Desktop Flexarm Microphone
Windows PC (all versions)
Mute switch on base for easy control
Power/Mute indicator illuminates when microphone is active
Microphone pivots on base to optimally position towards speaker's mouth
8' shielded cord offers convenience and flexibility around your desktop
Height = 13"
Frequency response: 100-16kHz
Input sensitivity: -67dBV/ubar, -47dBV/Pascal +/-4dB


I have used this model of microphone for 3 years with Dragon NaturallySpeaking after testing many different models and have found it provides almost identical recognition quality to the significantly more expensive solutions costing from $80-$280!  I have it positioned in front of my keyboard facing me so I can simply pull up to my desk in my wheelchair and begin working without the hassle of having to put a headset on my head.  I'm making these available for customers who often cannot find a reasonably priced solution.
Windows PC (all ver.) or Mac 9.1 or higher
Remove Mic Flexarm from base and plug into laptop USB directly
Provides optimal positioning
Independently tested by voice-recognition developer as "excellent"
5' silver/clear braided USB cable on hemispherical base
Height= 1" to Max 22", Diameter= 4"
Freq. Response= 35Hz-18KHz
Sample Rate= 48KHz
Sample Depth= 16-bit


This top-quality microphone is coupled to a better than CD-quality USB audio conversion circuit (16-bit, 48KHz sampling), both housed neatly in a small aluminum pod at the end of a flexible stainless steel tubing stand. The tube itself is softly satin polished, and is solidly mounted to a field-proven extra heavy hemispherical silver base. The flexible tube with the microphone pod stands about 18-inches above the base and the Flexarm portion can be removed from the base and used separately such as with a laptop.



Voice-Recognition USB Noise-Canceling Desktop Microphones


Proven solutions  for voice recognition with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, MacSpeech Dictate, or Gaming Voice Control Software.  Be free and Independent to pull up to and away from computer without the restrictions or discomfort of headsets and wires!


Cost-effective clarity and cord-free convenience for voice recognition
Simple, driverless USB plug-and-play connection
Advanced Digital USB provides superior clarity eliminates analog noise associated with cheaper 3.5mm audio port microphones
Noise canceling microphones filters out unwanted background noise
Stable weighted base
Testing has shown these microphones perform 95%-98% as well as much more expensive alternatives


Noise-Canceling Desktop Microphones

Noise-Canceling Desktop Microphones

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Pencil Mic With Mute Button $59.
Flexarm Mic With Detachable Base $89.

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