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Precision USB Joystick Mouse AND PC Game Controller


Intuitively control of the mouse just like your wheelchair.  Features very smooth, ultra precise differential magnetic field, fully digital joystick.  No drivers to install - users standard Human Interface Device (HID) drivers built into Windows, Mac, & Linux!  Just plug it in.  


Now Includes FREE software applet to switch between Mouse & Game Controller!


New 4 Button Version Available! Mouse OR Game Controller!

USB Joystick Mouse with 3 or 4 Buttons for clicking
GimpGear Computer Accessibility CD
On-Screen Keyboard with Word Completion
unique mouse movement/ gesture writing software
3 optional "Click Assist" applications to try
Red     = Left Click
Blue    = Right Click
Green = Drag


3 Ability Switch jacks on rear allow any ability switches to also control left click, right click, and drag.
This allows for one hand to manipulate joystick while the other hand using the Dual Pushbutton Switches or mouth using the Sip & Puff Switches clicks for intuitive, smooth operation.
Simple app coming soon allows it to be instantly reprogrammed to also function as a joystick game controller in Windows/Mac.
Precise - Fully digital joystick utilizes differential magnetic fields without any mechanical parts to provide very smooth operation.
Graspless - GimpGear unique sticky rubber joystick wrap eliminates slipping. Simply rest hand passively over teardrop shaped joystick handle for accurate, precise mouse pointer control.  No grasp or finger dexterity required.
Versatile - 3 large built-in 1.5" buttons for Left, Right, & Middle (Drag) clicking also feature jacks for optional clicking with ability switches. 3 Button Center Joystick or 4 Button Left Joystick configuration can be ordered pre-programmed as either a PC Mouse Controller or PC Game Controller. Utility to instantly switch modes between Mouse & Game Controller coming soon! Note: 3 buttons are functional when programmed as a mouse.
Simple & Intuitive - Plug it in to any computer and start using immediately! No drivers to install, uses USB Human Interface Device (HID) drivers built into Windows, Mac, & Linux (PS/2 adapter available)
Rugged - Perfect for multiuser environments and computer labs such as schools, rehab centers, demo & loan programs, etc.


Dee Dee Friend, Mother - Charlottesville, VA


"I've attached a picture of Creed - the mighty hunter - using his favorite new Joystick. He really does love it and it is easier for him to use than anything else we've tried - and we've tried LOTS of stuff!!


Creed just had his birthday this weekend so I just gave him the new Joystick Mouse. He really loves it. He is able to do it much better than the -----[another manufacturers] one. He said "I love the big buttons" and he seems to be able to be more accurate with it. I got him a hunting game that we were able to do enough programming of the controls that he could do most things on his own (the ultimate goal).


Thanks for your help and your great products. Oh yes - I LOVE the CD that came with the Mouse. I have been looking at several of the accessibility programs and I've even sent some links to the computer guru at Creed's school!"


Does not require use of any muscles below the elbow.  Perfect for users such as cerebral palsy and quadriplegics unable to grip a conventional mouse or click with their fingers!  
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Precision USB Joystick Mouse AND PC Game Controller

Precision USB Joystick Mouse AND PC Game Controller
Qty: Price: $399.

3rd Arm 2 Joint Desktop Edge Mount with Superclamp $189.
3rd Arm 2 Joint Under Desktop Mount - screw to underside desk $159.
USB to PS/2 Adapter $9.

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