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The Disability  Mouse and Accessible Clicking Kit


Includes free software & hardware to click
Optical, 3-button, scroll wheel mouse universally accessible to everyone. Faster and more precise than a trackball for disabled and handicapped allowing C5, C6, and C7 quadriplegics to use mouse as quickly and efficiently as any non-disabled mouse user with included Opposite Hand USB Mouse Buttons!


Computer No Grip Mouse Clicking Kit


Kit Includes:
NoGrip Mouse
2 Large USB Buttons for clicking with opposite hand
Matched Glidewell Extra-Large Mouse Mat
3 "Click Assist" applications to try for one-handed use
On-Screen Keyboard with Word Completion and unique gesture writing software
Voice Control clicking & basic dictation software


Does not require use of any muscles below the elbow.  Perfect for users such as quadriplegics unable to grip a conventional mouse or click with their fingers!  Rest hand passively in optical USB mouse, move with bicep & shoulder muscles.
Supports the hand, wrist, & fingers in an orthopedically neutral, untwisted & relaxed position
Available right-handed or left-handed in Onyx (black) or Pearl (off-white)


Does not discriminate in either appearance or by its use
Clinically indicated to help prevent and improve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms
Minimizes arthritic pain - Commended for ease of use by the Arthritis Foundation
GSA Section 508 - Meets the relevant standards making purchases by the US Government compliant with the Law.
USB Plug & Play - no drivers required or software to install! (or with PS/2 adapter)


Included  Solutions to Click Mouse Buttons


Opposite Hand USB Mouse Buttons
(ideal with minimal arm movement)
'Click Assist' & Voice Control Clicking Software
On Screen Keyboard with Word Completion plus Basic Dictation
Intuitive, EZ to Use
Work how you're accustomed, Nothing to learn!
Double-click, right-click, drag-and-drop, highlight, & scroll by clicking 2 large 1.5"x 1.5" buttons with the side of hand or fist!
Click left & right buttons with one hand and move mouse cursor with opposite hand/arm/head.


Work quickly & efficiently without pauses
Ergonomic - improved posture with users hands positioned comfortably at either side without reaching
USB Plug & Play - no drivers or software to install!
Portable - Take it with you and plug into any available computer such as at school, work, or the public library
Computer remains completely usable by others with no modifications necessary
Rugged & relible


Works with all input devices
The Disability Mouse, Head Control, Trackball, laptop touchpad, etc.
Applications from 4 different developers plus 2 trials!  Pick the one that works best for you!
Click by Voice Control with over 100 free built-in navigation commands
(microphone required)
'Click Assist' software "clicks" for users without finger flexion or for whom mouse buttons are difficult
The Disability Mouse operation with one arm only
Simply pause or dwell over an object on the screen and software clicks for you
Support all standard mouse functions: left-click, right-click, dragging, & scrolling
Customizable to user's preferences for speed
Work with all input devices
The Disability Mouse, Head Control, Trackball, laptop touchpad, etc.
If typing on the keyboard is difficult, these 2 included programs will get you going!


Voice Recognition with Basic Dictation
(microphone required)


On Screen Keyboard
User Configurable Keyboard Layouts
Translated native support for ~15 major languages
Word Completion with built-in dictionary saves time & repetitive typing immediately
User customizable Word Completion dictionary learns as you add more words
If you find using a mouse more challenging due to hand tremor resulting from Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. the The Disability mouse can greatly reduce the tremors by eliminating the use of hand muscles.  For even more stable results the The Disability mouse can also be combined with FREE SteadyMouse anti-tremor mouse filtering software!


Optional Upgrades



The Disability Mouse and Accessible Clicking Kit

The Disability Mouse and Accessible Clicking Kit
Qty: Price: $229.

Right Hand Onyx Black
Left Hand Onyx Black
Right Hand Pearl White
Left Hand Pearl White




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