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Head Mouse Controller with Switch Adapted Clicking Packages


No hand or arm function needed! Work as efficiently and play competitively as any nondisabled person using a standard mouse with their hand!  A truly hands free mouse especially for disabled or handicapped people with mobility limitations, carpal tunnel, or RSI needs. Broadened Horizons includes everything you need for efficient and productive computer accessibility for school & work plus free virtual reality PC gaming fun for the whole family (for 1/3 the cost of competitive head controllers)!  Click the mouse by sip & puff, voice, buttons, or using the included Click Assist software, and type with included on-screen keyboard or dictation!


Choose the most appropriate NaturalPoint SmartNav 4 Clicking Method for you!
Sip & Puff Switch on Voice Control USB Headset
Sip & Puff Surface Mount Flexarm
Eyebrow Ability Switch
Dual Pushbutton Switches
(Penny for size comparison)
Use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking & other voice control software with freedom to turn head (gaming)
Freedom to pull away from or up to your desk independently without assistance with headset
Clips to hat brim.  Simply click by raising eyebrow!  2 can be optionally used simultaneously.
For those with arm movement but poor control (CP) or finger movements but weak arms (MD)


Head Mouse Controller

Head Mouse Controller

Select Head Tracker Package:
SmartNav 4 EG with Switch Support $399.
SmartNav 4 EG with Switch Support With Mac Software $599.

Sip & Puff On Voice Control Headset $229.
Sip & Puff In Flexarm $279.
Dual Bite Switches On Flexarm $299.
Single Eyebrow Switch $129.
Dual Pushbutton Switches $149.
Dual Foot Switches $69.
Single Bite Switch $99.
Sensitive Face Muscle Twitch Switch (Left Click Only) $299.
Smartnav Hat $25.
Sheet 25 extra dots $25.
Smartnav Reflective Material (for your own hat/glasses) $25.
Smartnav brand Dwell & On-Screen Keyboard Software (AT Pkg) $99.
SmartNav Rings (pair) $10.

Select Shipping:
Standard UPS Ground $18.2
Next Day Air $89.





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