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Liberty Vocal! Wheelchair Cell Phone Voice Control System


plus Voice Controlled Digital Media Player for your cell phone
Flexarm Wheelchair Headrest Microphone swings away for transfers


Can Operate from
Power Wheelchair Batteries!
Cell Phone Not Included.  Obtained from Carrier.




Always available voice controlled calling & digital entertainment without pressing any buttons or even having to see the phone!  Easily and inconspicuously mounts on wheelchair and communicates with cell phone wirelessly using Bluetooth protocol.


"Like a Bluetooth Headset on Steroids"
completely Voice Controlled, truly button-free hands-free, and power wheelchair integrated


Call Contacts, Answer, and Hangup all by voice
Digit Dial, Listen to music, & movies by voice
Dictate Text and E-Mail Messages by voice
Update Facebook & Twitter, create reminders, schedule calendar, GPS navigation by voice
* Phone dependent - can activate phone's built-in voice commands


Call for help anywhere, anytime when it's really needed most!  Includes Bed Kit to extend usage to 24 hours/day.  Even works during power outages.


Worldwide Compatibility - Communicates wirelessly with Bluetooth cell phones. Use with any service provider worldwide!
Easy to Use - Natural voice prompts, intelligently responds and asks when it does not understand!
Powerful - Up to 150 voice contacts! Supports any language even individuals with slurred speech if speak consistently.
Convenient & Safer - No wearing uncomfortable headset all day or risk of having it fall off!  No wireless signal being pumped through your brain all day.
Versatile - Includes Wired Privacy Headset - simply unplug speaker and plug-in earphone. Includes accessible push-button control supplementing voice control to answer, hangup, start voice control & more.
No need to see or touch phone.  Great for those with vision impairments or blindness Announces incoming Caller ID, appointment reminders, and reads incoming text and e-mail messages.*  Safely answer and place calls while driving with hand controls!  
Wheelchair Integrated - Velcros inconspicuously under wheelchair seat so it's virtually unnoticeable yet always available without interfering with transfers.  New Liberty Vocal Power-to-Go Power Adapter plugs into wheelchair charging socket to run directly off power wheelchair batteries so there's nothing to forget to recharge, simply charge wheelchair normally.


Government-Assisted Wireless Service  Reach Out Wireless  or  Safelink Wireless
If you receive assistance through any one of the following government programs, you qualify for the Lifeline program : * Medicaid * Food Stamps * Supplemental Security Income (also know as SSI) * Section 8 Federal Public Housing Assistance * Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) * Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (TANF) * National School Lunch Program’s Free Lunch. OR Your total household income is at or below 135% of the poverty guidelines set by your State and/or the Federal Government.


Phone Compatibility: Liberty Vocal will work with MOST Bluetooth cell phones. Phones with built-in voice dialing will be easier to setup. Phone should support VOICE DIALING OVER BLUETOOTH and ideally DIGIT DIALING BY VOICE.
Liberty Vocal supports Android v2.2 or newer Phones and iPhone 3GS v3.1 or newer!
Review the No Contract, Unlocked phones we stock and preconfigure for you - just open the box, plug in, and start using!
Liberty Vocal will work with MOST Bluetooth cell phones. Phones with built-in voice dialing will be faster and easier to setup.  Be sure the phone supports VOICE DIALING OVER BLUETOOTH and ideally DIGIT DIALING BY VOICE. Unfortunately Broadened Horizons is unable to recommend specific models as it is impossible for us to test all of them. When explaining to a cell phone store representative, Voice Dialing over Bluetooth means if you push the button on a Bluetooth headset you would hear the phone's prompt for a voice command through the Bluetooth headset such as "Say a command".  Digit Dialing by Voice means there is a voice command available such as: "DIAL 6-1-2-8-5-1-1-0-4-0". The phone must support the Bluetooth HSP Hands-Free Profile, (only a few Bluetooth phones from 2006 or earlier do not).
Liberty Vocal works perfectly with Android phones running version 2.2 Froyo firmware or newer.  Prior versions of the android operating system simply do not support Voice Dialing over Bluetooth.  To confirm which version you have, open SETTINGS, then ABOUT PHONE, then SOFTWARE INFORMATION.
T-Mobile Comet is not compatible with Liberty Vocal or VoiceBT or any device that requires a Bluetooth pin code.  Will pair but WILL NOT CONNECT.  Works fine with our switch enabled speakerphones that do not require Bluetooth pin code.  As of 01-26-11 -could be resolved through update in future but dubious.  Lots of customer complaints about Bluetooth connectivity online.
Google Voice Dialer is standard on Android 2.2 to but lacks voice confirmations.
RECOMMENDED: Choice Dialer Plus Free - best name and digit voice dialer with voice confirmations, control music, audio books, and movies, open GPS navigation to a specific address, set a reminder, check the time, find a contact, and more ALL by voice combined with Liberty Vocal. Inexpensively upgrade for $5 to also dictate text messages, dictate e-mail messages, and dictate contents of new scheduled calendar item.  [One limitation, someone must tap SEND button on the touchscreen to transmit the text/e-mail message, though we are working with the developer to overcome this]
SETTINGS- Set all 4 options to Car Mode, enable digit dialing, enable media commands, etc.
TIP- Say "Open Voice Search" or "Vlingo" to take advantage of specific features of other voice control apps
Google Voice Search with Voice Actions - FREE from Android Market and when combined  with Liberty Vocal you can USE ONLY YOUR VOICE call anyone, dictate text messages, e-mails, update Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare, search the web, navigate to a location, and much more (sending text, e-mails, navigation require tapping the send button on touchscreen).  To launch Voice Search directly install Ear Buddy from android market or alternatively say: "Open Voice Search" when prompted by Google Voice Dialer.
Talking Caller ID Free- hear who is calling when you are unable to see the screen of the phone
Vlingo InCar - Dictate and send a text message using only your voice! However, only use it with practiced contacts because if it does not understand the contact name or you have multiple matches, it will prompt you and you will have to tap the screen of the phone. Audio stays in phone, does not route through Bluetooth speakerphone.
REQUIRED SETTING - disable wake-up command
Liberty Vocal works perfectly with iPhone 3GS running version 3.1 firmware or newerand iPhone 3.0.  Prior versions (iPhone 3G or 3GS ver 3.0 firmware) simply do not support Voice Dialing over Bluetooth.
Dragon Dictation for iPhone by Nuance- text or e-mail your friends, update your Facebook and Twitter status, send notes and reminders.
Dragon Search - simply speak your search queries and get instant and simultaneous search results
Vlingo for iPhone- worth trying out
Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile 6.x
Windows Phone 7 with LG Voice-to-Text with Liberty Vocal offers ability to dictate and send text and e-mail messages 100% by voice, in addition to name and digit dialing, and more. (this was reported, has not yet been tested by Broadened Horizons)
Broadened Horizons originally integrated and offered the Advanced Voice Control Package for Windows Mobile 5.0 2005/2006 over a year before large companies such as Ford begin offering the same technology.  The Windows Mobile and Windows Phone platform offers some of the best, most developed and experienced speaker independent voice control available!
LG Voice-to-Text for Windows Phone 7 - Free on Marketplace is a re-branding of Nuance Dragon Dictation for mobiles. Dictate text messages, e-mails, and Facebook / Twitter status updates. Available in English and Spanish for AT&T LG Optimus and in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish for European LG Optimus 7Q. Support for other Windows Phone7 models unknown.
Microsoft Tellme is on all Windows Phone 7 - name dialing, Web searching, and opening apps - Should work with Liberty Vocal
Vlingo for Windows Mobile- worth trying out


Every Liberty Vocal Package Includes
Liberty Vocal Brainbox - velcros under wheelchair seat pan
Liberty Vocal Wheelchair Headrest Flex Microphone -straps to wheelchair headrest post
Liberty Vocal Speaker - attaches with included bracket to wheelchair backrest
Liberty Vocal Control Switches - used to setup Liberty Vocal, adjust volume, or pushbutton alternative to voice commands
alternative Mini Stick/Clip-on Microphone - stick to side of joystick controller, head array display, or arm for chin joystick
Bed Kit: 25 ft microphone extension cable to optionally use microphone not utilized on wheelchair on bed
Liberty Vocal Power2Go 24 VDC Power Adapter - conveniently plugs into wheelchair charging socket  under wheelchair sea

Example Commands

Connect with friends and family...
“Where are my friends?”
“Update Facebook status; Headed to New York for the weekend!”
“Call Mom”
“Text Laura; Want to see a movie tonight?”
“Email John; Subject, Running Late; Message, John, I’ll be 10 minutes late for the meeting.”
Find businesses and things to do...
“Call plumber”
“Find a sushi restaurant”
“Movie times in Boston”
"Beachfront hotels in Miami"
"Call Best Buy"
And navigate through your daily life...
“What does poison ivy look like?”
“Get directions to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave”
"Navigate Home"
“Open alarm clock”


Upgrades & Options
Unlocked, Preconfigured Smartphones
No Contract: Pay-As-You-Go, Monthly, Family Plan!
For AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers, or any GSM provider worldwide
Preconfigured - Bluetooth already paired with Liberty Vocal
HTC MDA 510 - Windows Mobile 6.
AT&T 2125 (HTC Faraday) -Windows Mobile 5.0, QuadBand
HP iPAQ 6515 - Windows Mobile -both buttons and touchscreen


Preinstalled Advanced Voice Control Media Package included
Turns Phone into a Voice Control Digital Media Player (like iPodTM)
Listen to music, audiobooks, even watch movies all by voice
Digit Dial by Voice & Call up to 2000 phonebook contacts
Understands immediately without training any contact names
Check time by voice, reads text messages and appointment reminders
Includes Software, 2 GB memory card, USB flash drive, & over-the-ear headset for privacy option


3rd Arm Wheelchair Seat Frame Phone Mount
Simple mounting of phone on wheelchair.
While it is not necessary to be able to see screen of phone (it could be in a bag) most customers find it convenient to see who's calling, or what the phone is doing as they issue voice commands, etc.  The mount also positions phone at perfect angle to use with mouse stick or available hand/arm function for features non-voice controlled features such as text messaging and checking voicemail.
Does not add width for tight doorways or restrict approach to a table
Positions phone inside armrest above thigh.  Versatile& Fully adjustable at each joint.  Easily swings away for transfers.
Easily attach &  remove from wheelchair or bed with adjustment knob. Only 1.5" x 3/4" ball remains mounted on wheelchair.  Optional pipe clamp mounting


3rd Arm Wheelchair Armrest Mini Phone Mount
Clamps to tubing running vertically or horizontally under armrest
Versatile & fully adjustable at each joint.
Easily attach & remove with a twist from wheelchair or bed tubing from 1/2" to 1.25" diameter tubing
Full-Time Privacy Earphone
Wired earphone rests on the outside of your ear for greater comfort when worn for longer periods of time
Ear hook keeps earphone in place compared to little iPod style earphones that insert into the ear but tend to fall out and are difficult for those with limited dexterity to insert into their ear
Simply unplug Liberty Vocal Speaker and plug in earphone
Power2Go Wheelchair Charging Socket USB Cell Phone Charger
Conveniently plugs into wheelchair 3-prong charging socket
No installation needed
Works with any cell phone, iPod, camera, etc. (requires USB charging/data cable) or purchase our 10 piece adapter kit for a wide variety of the cell phone manufacturers
Will work with future Power2Go 24 V wheelchair accessories
Bluetooth Wireless Sync USB Computer Adapter
No help needed to plug phone into computer. Bluetooth enables your PC for wireless data connection between cell phone & computer.  Maintain contact list, sync, transfer pictures & video. Download music, audiobooks, or movies!
Also Great for:
Wireless Voice Recognition, VoIP Phone/Internet Chat, wireless mouse/printing


Liberty Vocal Bedside AC Wall Adapter
Perfect for those who want to use Liberty Vocal bedside instead of mounted on their wheelchair.
Perfect for new injuries waiting to receive their new wheelchair
Perfect for those who desire to unplug Liberty Vocal from wheelchair while charging and plug into this AC wall adapter (however not needed: new Power-to-Go adapter below included with Liberty Vocal allows wheelchair to be charged without unplugging Liberty Vocal)
24 Volt, 1.5 amp

Image coming soon


Wheelchair Charging Socket Power-to-Go Adapter
Included: Power your Liberty Vocal System from your wheelchair batteries with NEW compact, plug-and-play convenience!  No installation, plugs into wheelchair charging socket!  New 'Y' splitter allows you to charge your wheelchair without unplugging Liberty Vocal!
Converts 24 V to 12 V.  Only 2.5x 2.5x 0.75 inches
2nd Wheelchair Charging Socket Battery Direct Kit
For wheelchairs with charging socket only in joystick controller (or upgrade to the PowerCheq Mobile Power Kit)
No need to unplug Liberty Vocal at night when charging wheelchair
Includes battery clips and wire harness for quick and easy direct connection to wheelchair battery terminals

PowerCheq Mobile Power Kit [optional upgrade]
Plug ANYTHING into wheelchair batteries that can be plugged into an automobile. Laptop, cell phone, motorized photography base, massager, small heating pad, heated/cooled mug holder or even Christmas lights!  Options
Plug the wheelchair into automobile to charge while driving or even jumpstart automobile from wheelchair in an emergency
Go 25% farther per charge over the life of the batteries. Triples battery life by enhancing batteries paying for itself 3x over
INCLUDES Phone USB Car Charger with FM transmitter
Plug your phone into your wheelchair or any automobile
Play your music or audiobooks on car or home stereo voice controlled using FM transmitter function!
ADD Optional Universal Laptop Charger


How can I dictate and send text messages and e-mail by voice only?
JOTT Assistant  - by Nuance (developers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking) simply call 866-JOTT-123 from any phone to send text messages, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, your Blog and 30 other web services by voice.
Dial2Do - Any phone plus extra features on android and Blackberry. Create reminders, send texts, listen to and send email, voice to text transcription, twitter, Google calendar, blogging, and other third party apps
LG Voice-to-Text on Windows Phone 7 with Liberty Vocal offers ability to dictate text and e-mail messages 100% by voice, plus excellent name and digit dialing, and more.
See Software App Recommendations: Android Choice Dialer Plus and iPhone Dragon Dictate


How can I check voicemail?
In your contact list, create a VOICEMAIL contact with the number to be dialed.  Then simply say "call voicemail" as any other name and you will be connected with your voicemail system.  Some voicemail systems will automatically play any NEW voicemails without needing to push any buttons.  Due to technical limitations it is impossible to dictate a command to dial any individual digit while you are connected to a call.  A digit can be sent using the round knob button on the Liberty Vocal control switches if you are able, but typically it is more convenient to simply tap the appropriate button on your phone keypad.  Some individuals may need assistance.
Third-party services can send your voicemail to you as text, SMS, e-mail, or check your voicemail using your computer.
Google Voice - FREE transcription of voicemails into text or e-mail messages and cheapest international calling rates.  Android and iPhone app.  Found transcription to be helpful, but sometimes confusing. Gives you a good idea of what the messages about but may leave a few questions in your mind.  Enough to call or text that person back.
Vemail® - Speak Email for speed, power, conveninece, delivered as voice and text.
JOTT Voicemail - Transcribes your voicemail messages into text and e-mail messages. A bit expensive at $9.95 /month for 40 voicemails. From Nuance, developers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.


Other Useful FREE Services to utilize completely by voice with Liberty Vocal
Call 800-GOOG-411 for free directory assistance from Google with excellent voice recognition.  Will connect you for free!
Call 800-FREE-411 to find phone numbers for the person or business, get driving directions, even live operator support with Free 411 Directory Assistance
Call 800-555-TELL to find businesses, get driving directions, call a taxi, check weather, movies, news, stocks, sports, horoscope, download ring tones, get Airline flight information, book a hotel, even play blackjack, all completely FREE from Tellme!
Qualify for AT&T's VoiceDial Service with an upper extremity mobility impairment.
Use AT&T's VoiceDial Service or SprintPCS Voice Command to Dial-by-Voice with the Liberty Vocal System, Free for those with a qualifying upper extremity mobility impairment.
Do you have anything less expensive and portable?
Yes!  If you are able to press larger buttons and don't need complete voice control we also offer a few other lower-cost  alternatives such as the VoiceBT and Communicator switch enabled Bluetooth speakerphone's but with without voice activation, answering, and hanging up offered by the Liberty Vocal system.


The Liberty Vocal Voice Activated Cell Phone System

The Liberty Vocal Voice Activated Cell Phone System
Qty: Price: $949.

(Direct To Batteries) Charging Cable Kit $98.
(Direct To Wall AC Power) Cable Kit $94.
(8 Hr Battery Pack) for Manual Wheelchairs $198.
24 hour Battery Backup for Power Outage $244.
Wireless Bluetooth Sync Phone to Computer USB Adapter $78.
Power-More USB Charger for Phone - iPod - Etc. Plugs Into Wheelchair Charging Socket $145.
Liberty Full-Time Privacy Earphone $59.
Ez Arm Wheelchair Armrest Mini Phone Mount $198.
Ez Arm Wheelchair Seat Frame Phone Mount $198.
1 Hr Pro Phone Training & Support Support $97.
1 Yr BH Extended Warranty $149.

Select Shipping:
Five Day UPS Ground $29.
Two Day Air $148.
Next Day Air $198.





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