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3rd Arm Mounting System
2 interchangeable & compatible systems: 3rd Arm Flex and 3rd Arm Jointed
Perfectly positions cell phone, iPod, PDA, camera, switches, etc. on wheelchair, bed, or almost anywhere with interchangeable bases and versatile device receivers!  Completely adjustable in every direction.  Positions device neatly inside of armrest and close to waist so as not to catch in doorways or restrict access to tables.  Quickly removed with thumbscrew when not in use.
3rd Arm Mounting System
3rd Arm Professional Clinic Kit includes all components from the 3rd Arm Flex and 3rd Arm Jointed systems, and adapters to use everything interchangeably.  The kit ships in a aluminum foam padded case simplifying travel, storage, and organization.  The kit allows professionals to quickly and efficiently build and try different variations of highly customized mounts for client's wheelchairs, desks, beds, etc. Simply mark off the components utilized on the included refill form and fax Broadened Horizons a copy and components to refill your kit will arrive within a few days.  Only the 3rd Arm Flex Bed Mount and Camera Tripod Heads are not included in the kit but available separately.



NEW Wheelchair Armrest Cell Phone Mini Mount



Versatile! 1 Mount, many uses. Quickly remove mount by loosening adjustment knob at base until entire mount lifts off ball base which remains where mounted (only 1.5" x 0.75")
Fully adjustable with 3 or 4 segments using composite torsion balls; each pivoting 210 and rotating 360.  
Rugged & durable. Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Guarantee


Interchangeable Tops


Camera Manual
Camera Motorized
3 Sizes
7.5" x 2.5"
4.5" x 2.5"
2" x 1.75" AMPS-NEC compat.
Perfect for cell phone, iPod, iPad, Netbook or adaptive switches.  Attach using included Velcro or mounting screw holes on corners.  
Solid 1/4"-20 single bolt attachment.
Compatible with tripod heads, etc.
Standard with our QuadMouse and optional with Sip & Puff Mouth Joystick
Preassembled Parts
Pan/Tilt Head
Thru-Hole Top
Custom Coupler
Preassembled Parts
Switch Adapted Motorized Pan/Tilt Camera Head
Thru-Hole Top/ coupler
AA batteries or Mobile Power Kit
Read about high-quality camera models below which can be controlled with a standard ability switch!


Interchangeable Middles


Interchangeable Mounting Bases
Idea: attach a base in different /multiple locations to a move mount from base to base
Tubing Clamp
Super Clamp
Included Standard Bolts through metal using a single 1/4" hole  
side of wheelchair seat pan or frame
front of metal seat pan between legs
armrest support
wheelchair backrest vertical support post
bed rail
Screw or bolt to larger non-metallic services
desk or table
wheelchair laptray
bed headboard
wheelchair backrest
automobile dash or center console
Three Sizes Available:
3/4" Small
from 5/8" to 7/8"
1" Medium
from 7/8" to 1-1/4"
1-1/4" Large
from 1-1/4" to 1-1/2"


Preassembled with Thru-Hole Base
Large Clamp for almost anywhere:
desks & tables
wheelchair frame
wheelchair armrest
bed rail
bed headboard


Preassembled with Thru-Hole Base


Example Photos


3 Joint Mount (Standard)
Thru-hole Base with Surface Top
4 Segment Mount: Thru-hole Top and Surface Base (used on QuadMouse)
3 Segment Mount with Cell Phone
3 Segment Mount with Manual Camera Head & Super Clamp Base


 Switch Adapted Cameras
How to control your cameras shutter with a standard ability switch


Simply purchase a 2.5 mm male to 3.5 mm female audio adapter cable typically offered for cell phones for a few dollars and use it to plug your favorite ability switch, or one of our unique ones into your camera!  No camera modifications are required!  Now say "CHEESE"!  


Camera models supporting the Canon Remote Switch RS-60E3 or Panasonic Elite DMW-RS1
Samsung GX-1L, GX-1S, GX-10 SLR cameras
Canon EOS-350D, EOS 400D EOS-300D, EOS-300, 300V, 3000, EOS-50, 50E, 500 SLR cameras
Canon Digital Rebel XT, XTi, 2000, G, GII, GII EF, Ti, T2, T2 EF, Digital Rebel Limited Edition
Canon EOS Digital Rebel, Rebel XT, Rebel XT EF-S
Cannon EOS Rebel, EOS Rebel XS, X/XS, XSi
Canon EOS Elan II,IIE, 7/7E, 7NE, 7N EF, 7NE EF
Canon EOS IX Lite
Pentex K100D K110D K10D SLR Cameras
Panasonic Lumix FZ20, FZ25, FZ30, FZ50, L1 and LC1


The following models would work with each camera's own remote control if you are able to push the small button on it.
Nikon D50, D70, D70s, D80 digital SLR cameras with ML-L3 wireless infrared remote
Nikon D70s and Nikon D80 with Elite MC-DC1 remote control
Canon EOS 5D, 1D, 1D Mark II, 1Ds, 1Ds Mark II, 30D, 20D, 10D, D60 and D30 with RS-80M3 remote control
Olympus SP-510, SP-550, E400, E410 and E510 with Elite RM-UC1 remote control
Sony/Minolta SLR cameras (i.e.DSLR-A100) with RM-S1AM/ RC-1000S/ RC-1000L remote control




3 Rd Arm Wheelchair Mount

3 Rd Arm Wheelchair Mount

3 Joint Wheelchair Seat Frame Cell Phone Mount (10" - 14") $159.
Stubby Cell Phone Mount With Wheelchair Armrest Compact Tubing Super Clamp $175.
Stubby Cell Phone Mount for Wheelchair Armrest with Thru-Hole Base $129.
Four Joint Chin Control Device Mount 8"-19" Thru Hole & Super Clamp $245.
Mouse Controller 2 Joint Desk Edge Mount - Plexiglass Surface & Super Clamp $194.
26" Stiff Flexarm with C-Clamp base & knuckle Joint Top $169.
Flexarm with Ball Joint Top & 3 hole Base 14" $159.
Manual Camera 3 Joint Super Clamp Mount $269.
Motorized Camera Mount 3 Joint Super Clamp Mount $439.
Drink Holder Top (adds 5") $59.
Reading Stand Top (adds 1.5") $89.
Super Clamp (adds 6.5") $69.
9" Straight Center Section $39.
6" Straight Center Section $39.
3" Straight Center Section $39.

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Standard UPS Ground $18.
Two Day Air $89.
Next Day Air $128.




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