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V3 Portable Ceiling Track Lift




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BHM V3 Portable Ceiling Lift


The new V3 portable track lift combines a solidly engineered design with features you would never expect to find in a portable. Its compact size, folding sling hooks and integrated carry handle make the NEW V3 a breeze to move from room to room.


  • The V3 weighs in at only 6.5 kg. (14 lbs). Room to room transfers can be accomplished using the swing bar. Wide set sling hooks allow a more comfortable transfer for the patient. An ergonomically designed handset and secondary controls mounted on the lift provide real convenience for the care provider. When it’s time to charge the V3 simply plug it into the the V4 & V3 set a new standard for easy maintenance: nearest outlet- the charger has been integrated into the lift. Maintenance light tells you when the lift needs service- no more guesswork! Modular design: components that require service simply snap out and in. Lightweight construction: moving or removing either lift is easy while the lifting capacity of  440 lbs remains the same for both lifts.

The V3 is designed for use with the new KWIKtrack System

  • KWIKtrack uses a revolutionary patented bracket that is 40% faster to install than conventional brackets. Its unique locking device keeps the track securely fastened. KWIKtrak’s slim design permits a tight 595 mm (23 in.) turning radius on curves. Smooth, seamless joints using a unique pin locking system improves lateral movement and finished appearance.




BHM Medical V3 Portable Ceiling Track Lift



V3 Portable Ceiling Lift
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BHM Medical V3 Portable Ceiling Track Lift


Manual Power Stand & Piv Ceiling Lifts Bathtub Commode

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