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Alternating Pressure Mattress







Pressure Ulcer Mattress By Pressure Pro

Typical Use: Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers
Mattress Type: 4" Mattress Or Use As A Overlay
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Overall Width: 36"
Overall Length: 80"



With an auto firming inflation pump, the Pressure Pro Alternating Pressure Mattress series is designed for preventing it from becoming too deflated for discomfort. Additionally, each air cell that makes up the mattress are easily replaceable with Pressure Pro Snap-In Snap-Out construction.

Featuring an adjustable pressure range, the pump system of the Pressure Pro Mattress series allows medical professionals to choose Pressure Level, providing their patients with a customizable and comfortable experience. Additionally, the pump ensures that the mattress does not lose air pressure for long due to its low-pressure alerts and power failure alert, indicating to caregivers that the mattress may deflate or is losing firmness.

For easy connectivity between mattress and pump, the pump unit is manufactured with a quick connector. With their EZ Snap-In Snap-Out replaceable cell design, each mattress allows for an easy and do-it-yourself maintenance.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Systems
Pressure ulcer prevention is a key consideration for patients at risk for developing in pressure sours/wounds/ulcers. In the preoperative setting, patients can be exposed to the cumulative effects of pressure beginning in pre-op through the intra-operative phase and into the PACU and ICU. It has been reported that 23% of all hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs) are acquired intra-operatively during surgeries lasting three hours or more.

Hospital-acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPIs) occur in 6% to 10% of surgical critical care patients in the United States and result in longer hospitalization, increased morbidity, and human suffering. The Pressure Pro has shown to reduce the risk of these Pressure Ulcers by 98.4% almost eliminating them all together.

Pressure Pro patient support alternating pressure systems feature low-profile surfaces are comprised of rows of geometric air-filled cells that alternate by inflating and deflating to provide tissue offloading. This allows tissue reperfusion to occur thereby preventing pressure ulcers.



Pressure Pro Alternating Pressure Mattress

Pressure Pro Alternating Pressure Mattress
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Pressure Ulcer Alternating Pressure Mattress







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