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Symmetry Mobile Symmetry Mobile is unlike other mobile upright standing systems - there are no belts to slip or adjust. We use a positive chain and sprocket system so when you push or pull the hand-rims the drive wheels propel you where you want to go without wasting valuable energy.

Symmetry Mobile is designed with a solid axle bar that goes from wheel to wheel. This axle assures proper wheel alignment which makes the Standing System more maneuverable and easier to propel regardless of your abilities. The Symmetry Swivel is the most efficient propulsion system available; combine the ease of movement with all the other great features of Symmetry Standing Systems and the choice is easy.

Symmetry Mobile Features
Chain Drive eliminates belt slippage.
Solid Axle for precision wheel alignment.
Support Surfaces that Stay With You.
Full Upright Standing Posture.
Shear Reducing Sliding-Seat
Easier Transfers.
Transfer Friendly:
Flip-back armrests, flip-up lift arms, open frame design and flip-up knee support allow maximum space for ease of entry and exit with any type of transfer. Lateral or standing pivot transfers are made easier without any components in the way.
Open Frame Design:
Symmetry's open frame design allows better access to the frame during transfers, even when a lifting device is needed. Our open frame design allows for usage with most major styles. of patient Iifts without costly and hard to use frame modifications. This open design supplies extra space for getting your chair in close or allowing attendants to work closely.
The advanced positioning capabilities supplied by Symmetry Sliding-Seat technology reduce the effect of shear as the body moves from sitting to standing. Our innovative Sliding-Seat assists in maintaining the position of the body while minimizing unwanted pressures and shear on the seated areas, allowing you to stay in position.

Our Adjustable-Sliding-Back virtually eliminates the effects of shear and body movement when going from sitting to standing. Each back assembly is adjustable so it will move with the client, matching the needs of each individual. This State-Of-The-Art Design allows you to personalize the unit and keep all support surfaces in a proper and consistent position not only while standing and sitting, but also while raising and lowering. Once the support devices are in place, they stay where they belong, giving you the best control of your standing and positioning needs.

Postural Alignment:
Symmetry ability for the back and seat to maintain proper alignment while standing is unequalled. The design of the 'support system maintains the back in a full-contact supportive position, both while seated and, most importantly, while standing. Symmetry is designed to be the best solid seat standing and positioning frame available with the focus on fit, form and function.
When the decision was made to manufacture a solid seat standing system, it was not taken lightly. Prime Engineering�s focus has always been to supply the best in fit, form and function and we are very aware of the existing problems with solid seat standing devices. It was our mission to fix the problems that have been continual with this type of device for many years. Symmetry Is The Fix!

Symmetry Mobile is built with plenty of room in front of the seat so you could get in and out easily. We built it so you can transfer onto a flat surface, instead of one that slopes forward. The seat is smooth on the front edge so you can slide across it without any bulky hardware in your way. We eliminated the tubes on the outside of the lower base frame so you can roll up close to self transfer or easily be transferred with a patient lift.

When looking at the mechanics of a solid seat standing system, it was easy to see that careful attention had to be paid to the pivot points of the seating system. Instead of using an under seat hydraulic lift with a seat that hinged from a fixed pivot point, Symmetry Mobile is designed with lift arms that pull the system up and forward smoothly. This Over-Center-Seat stands you fully upright and slides with your body, not against it. Our Sliding-Seat dramatically reduces shear and decreases spasms by maintaining the position of your body on the seat and minimizing pressure as you stand.

Special attention was given to the backrest and the positioning devices that are needed by many clients to support them to sit or stand correctly. Our development process made sure that the back stays with you as you move to your standing position and back to seated. The design of Symmetry Mobile makes sure that contact is made to supply the support that you need in the areas that you need it. Every back that we supply is standard with our Adjustable-Sliding-Back system. This system is fully adjustable to allow you to personalize each unit to the individual needs of the client. With this product, any individual supports you may need to help you stand properly will stay in place from sitting to standing, supporting you the way that they were meant to and the way you would expect them.

Back Options
Low Back: 9� tall Low Back assembly supplies lower back support and specific seat depth when required.
Extended Back: Extension mounts to Low Back to create a 20� high back (requires Low Back).
Lateral Supports: 6� x 6� triangle shaped pads adjust for width and height and move with the sliding back assembly.
(requires back assembly)

Headrest: Height and depth adjustable for support while sitting or standing (requires Extended Back assembly)
Support Vest: Adjustable anterior support vest in all cotton Denim material (requires Extended Back assembly).
Chest Belt: Single strap wraps around frame with Velcro closure (requires back assembly).
Padded Chest Belt: Single strap with movable pad wraps around frame with Velcro closure (requires back assembly).
Custom Chest Pad: Per customer specification or request
call for quote:

Lower Extremity Positioning Options:
Independent Adjustable Knee Support: Independent depth adjustment allows for additional lower extremity positioning.
Roho Knee Pads: Additional padding for clients with special positioning needs such as contractures (attaches to either knee system).

Foot Straps: Velcro straps for assistance in foot positioning
D-Ring Foot Straps: Velcro straps with D-Rings for additional holding strength.
Solid Calf Panel: Height adjustable padded panel attaches under the seat to maintain the feet and lower extremities in a neutral position.
Frame Options:

Mobile Kit: Allows the client with upper extremity function to self propel while standing.
Two Piece Pump Handle: Two piece design allows the handle to be removed from reach or for storage needs.
Quad Pump Handle: Bolt on attachment for limited hand function.
Steel Caster Upgrade: Easy rolling, heavy duty steel casters with swivel and roll lock.
Tray Edging: Removable edge banding to contain items on the tray surface.
Tray Easel: Adjustable angle easel sits on tray surface supplying multiple angles of working space.
Padded Tray Cover: Upholstered, padded cover supplies an opaque soft tray surface.
Tray Overlay: Clear tray overlay/ Opaque tray overlay.
Custom Needs: Prime Engineering�s products have been designed with the flexibility to meet most clients� needs within their standard features and options. If you have special needs, questions, or any other item that we may assist you with, our engineering department and standing and positioning specialists will be happy to answer your question or assist you with the design and fabrication of a unit to meet your needs.



Symmerty Standing Frame

Symmerty Standing Frame
Qty: Price: $2850.

Select Size:
Standard Adult

Select Pump Handel:

Select Upholstery Color:

Swivel Seat $595.
Hip Guids$240.
Seat Belt $49.

Back Option:

Lateral Supports $249.
Support Vest $195.
Padded Chest Belt $79.
Custom Chest Belt $129.

Knee Pads:

Foot Straps:

Solid Calf Panel $139.
Mobile Kit $895.
Two Piece Pump Handle $99.
Quad Pump Handle $99.
Steel Caster Upgrade $175.
Tray Edging $219.
Tray Easel $219.




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