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grandstand   Kidstand III MSS supplies a completely modular approach to upright standing, supplying unprecedented growth capabilities, no transfers needed technology, best standing position available, multi-function frame and custom capabilities for children and adults. Kidstand III MSS allows configurations or upgrades as a manual stander or a fully hydraulic assisted stander. The Kidstand III MSS grows with a child from 3� tall to an adult of 6� 5� without the need to replace the stander.



    That way you buy one standing system that will grow with your child through adulthood. And the best part is, you only buy what you need, when you need it!

    Kidstand Features

  • Modular Design = One Stander for Life!

  • No Transfers Necessary.

  • Hydraulic Lift Mechanism.

  • Correct Standing Posture.

  • Doubles as a Patient Lift



    Twenty years of knowledge and experience go into the details of this premier Standing System. Its design allows for a completely modular approach to upright standing, supplying unprecedented growth capabilities. It will grow from 3� to 6�5� using a simple, inexpensive growth kit, The modular design allows it to be used as a manual stander or be upgraded to an assisted manual system or a full hydraulically assisted standing system. This means one simple unit that grows with you and will accommodate for changes in conditions and needs. Standing in the Kidstand III MSS is easy. Set the knee-pad system and tray height using simple tool-free adjustments making sure everything is snug. Then just slide the sling behind your hips and pull it on using our unique pull-to-place tabs. Once the sling is on, wheel up to the system or have someone roll the system to you, place your feet into our shoe holders and hook the sling onto the lift arms. Pump the hydraulic unit to begin the lift and then continue pumping up until the hips are in proper position for maximum weight bearing.

    Since 1984, the Granstand series has been the choice of clinicians in rehab centers everywhere. This systems proven track record is a testament to its strength and durability, with the single most important feature of the Kidstand III MSS being its ability to stand you properly, directly from your wheelchair. Regardless of your level of ability, those who can self transfer usually can operate the Kidstand III MSS without assistance. Those who need assistance can be brought into standing with minimal effort from a caregiver. Once in a standing position, our body pads hold you comfortably and securely into place.

    Kidstand III MSS is Growth Capable!
    Unprecedented growth capability in one product - the Kidstand III MSS Modular Standing System is just that - A System! Kidstand III MSS is designed to accommodate clients who require, from a very young age, equipment that can change and adapt as they grow and change. Our modular system allows for unsurpassed growth ability at a minimum of cost in both time and money. Most growth adjustments require only a few minutes and many of these changes require the purchase of little or no additional equipment. If the client's growth is accompanied by a change in physical condition, equipment upgrades can be added as needed without purchasing a new frame.
    Our standard frame accommodates multiple chair styles while requiring minimal space. Our standard expandable base design allows for larger chairs and power chairs to fit within the unit without needing a wider frame. The narrow width of 27 1/2/1 fits through most standard doorways allowing for extra mobility and function in the home or wherever space is limited. The ability for the chair to fit within the frame keeps the room area required for use of the unit to a minimum unlike units that require extra space for the chair, the stander and, in many cases, a patient lift to be kept near the stander.
    Adding a Height Adjustable Foot System allows the Kidstand III MSS to be mobile while in use. These optional foot systems offer greater growth potential and height adjustment plus provide the ability to match the height of the wheelchair footplates for the best possible lifting position. The Kidstand III utilizes the same frame and components as the Granstand III. They are configured as needed with some minor differences in the sizes of the positioning pads and minor frame components. Either unit can easily be converted from one configuration to the other quickly and inexpensively. These adaptable standing systems serve the widest range of clients possible and have the ability to continue to provide proper standing alignment for clients as they grow. Starting with one of these innovative modular systems eliminates the need to purchase 3 or 4 conventional standing devices. Unprecedented adaptability for growth or other changes in equipment needs is made possible through our built-in potential for numerous adjustments and easy upgrades. These innovative features, along with durable construction and multi-functional design, make the Kidstand III MSS the best economic value on the market.






    KidStand III

    KidStand III
    Qty: Price: $2450.

    Client Height 5.6 X 6.5
    Client Height 4.6 X 6.5 Requires Mobile Foot System

    Pump Handle:

    Frame Color:

    Mobile Kit $895. Requires Mobile Foot System
    Sheepskin Sling Cover $99.
    Pocket Seat Sling Cover $145.
    Vinyl Seat Sling $165.
    Contoured Vinyl Sheepskin Lined Seat Sling $199.

    Select Foot Pads:

    Multi-Adjustable Knee System $365.
    Roho Knee Pads $350.
    Foot Straps $45.
    D-Ring Foot Straps $65.

    Foot Risers:

    Select Shipping:
    Standard Ground
    Three Day Air $298.

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