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The Zippy Retracting Folding Portable Mobility Scooter


Solax Zippy Scooter

Zippy Retractable Folding Mobility Scooter

The Zippy is a compact and lightweight foldable scooter that is both easy to fold and unfold, as well as conveniently store. It weighs only 54 lbs. with battery (lead acid), and will travel up to 7.5 miles on a single charge. The Zippy is airline approved, and is even recommended by many leading airlines. In addition the Zippy retractable folding mobility scooter can be easily transported by train, plane, boat and will fit in the trunk of any vehicle.
Wow.! The Zippy retracts from front to back making it half the length it is when set up for use, the Zippy then folds leaving a extremely compact lightweight and easy to handle item.
The Solax Zippy is extremely stable with two front wheels placed 4 inches apart giving you four wheel stability with 3 wheel maneuverability. In addition the Zippy has two rear anti tip wheels making it the most stable portable scooter available.


The magic in the Zippy is its retractable underbody frame allowing it to retract to half its normal length, then the seat and the driving tiller simply fold and Walla, you have a highly compact unit weighting a mere 54 pounds. Airlines, Taxi Drivers and Transport Busses absolutely love it and so well you.
Sleek Design With Virtual Tiller Adjustment And Lots Of Leg Room Makes The Zippy Stand Out As The Top Lightweight Portable Scooter.
Unique Foldable Seat Is Part Of What Makes The Zippy So Compact & So Portable.
The Zippy Tiller Folds Into The Seat Saving Space In Addition To Protecting The Tiller When The Zippy If Being Transported In Its Folded Compact Position.
Now The Zippy Is Fully Folded And Fully Retracted Leaving You With A Easy To Transport Very Lightweight Compact Unit That Will Fit In The Trunk Of Virtually Any Car And Can Be Taken On A Plane, Train Or Bus As Carry On Luggage.
The Magic Of The Zippy Is In Its Retractable Underbody Allowing The Front Section To Retract Into The Rear Section.
The Zippy Is Equipped With A Rear Handel Making It Easy To Pick Up When Folded. The Zippy Is Also Equipped With Anti Tip Wheels Making The Zippy The Absolute Most Stable Portable Mobility Scooter Available.

Length 36.2 (unfolded)
Length 23.1 (folded)

Width 17.7


Front: 6 Heavy Duty Flat Free Tires
Rear:  7 Heavy Duty Flat Free Tires

Speed 3.75 mph

Safe Gradient 6

Maximum Gradient 6

Travel Range 7.5 miles

Turning Radius 53.9 (4 wheels) ; 38.6 (3 wheels)

Total weight (with battery) 54 lbs

Seat Comfort Rest Cushioned Seat

Brake Intelligent Regenerative Electromagnetic Brakes

Drive system Sealed Transaxle Direct Drive

Steering Handlebar Two (2) position

Maximum capacity 250 lbs

Ground clearance 1.6

Battery Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery (24V/10Ah)

Motor 120W

Battery charger DC 24V/2A ; Off-board, Automatic protection






Zippy Compact Mobility Scooter

Zippy Compact Mobility Scooter
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