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FR168-4A (18Ah) 4-wheel Scooter




Model number FR168-4A (18Ah 4-wheels)
Maximum weight capacity 300 lbs
Maximum speed Up to 4 mph
Ground clearance 2.3"
Turning radius 39"
Overall length 39"
Overall width 20"
Front Tires 2.5" x 7.5" solid
Rear Tires 2.5" x 9" solid
Anti-tips Rear
Standard seating Foldable, compact, vinyl-covered molded plastic
Drive train 24-volt DC motor, sealed mini-transaxle
Dual braking system Electronic, regenerative and electromechanical
Battery charger Off-board, 2 amp
Per-charge range Up to 11 miles* (w/ 2X 18 AH);21AH option
Battery requirements (2) 12V deep-cycle (standard)
Compatible batteries 21 AH
Battery Weight 18AH battery pack (12kgs/26.4lbs)
Weight w/o battery pack 85 lbs
Heaviest piece 33 lbs
Standard Colors Material red
*Varies with user weight, terrain type, battery charge, battery condition, and tire condition.


* Feather-touch disassembly permits simple frame separation with only one hand.
* PU non-scuffing tires.
* Auto-connecting front to rear cable.
* Front frame-mounted seat post offers maximum stability.
* Easily disassembles into 5 super lightweight pieces for convenient transport and storage.
* Modular design fro easy serviceability.
* Comfortable seat-rotates, height adjustable.
* Convent off-board dual voltage charger can charge battery pack  on-board or off-board.

Free Options

* Cup holder   * Car Charger and Home Charger
* Front basket   * Cane/crutch holder
* Weather cover   * Safety Flag
* Rear basket   * Arm Bag




FreeRider FR168-4A (18Ah) 4-wheel Scooter




FreeRider FR168-4A (18Ah) 4-wheel Scooter

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FreeRider FR168-4A (18Ah) 4-wheel Scooter











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