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EV Rider Stand-N-Ride Scooter




Stand-N-Ride Scooter

Do you need a pre-mobility standing or sitting scooter for a child? Then the EV Rider Stand-N-Ride Scooter was designed especially for you. This extra stable three wheeled standing scooter gives you the little bit of extra help you need to get through your day. You can then disassemble your scooter in less than 30 seconds to take it anywhere you need to go. There's a cup holder for your comfort, too. And yes, the EV Rider Stand-N-Ride even goes in reverse, so it's got top notch maneuverability to help you tackle your whole day. Contact us, toll free, about the EV Rider Stand-N-Ride scooter today and find out if this is the best option for you

Stand N Ride Scooter




Ground Clearance

2.5" in / 6.2 cm

Length - Overall

36.3" in / 99.2 cm

Width - Overall

25.3" in / 64.2 cm

Height - Deck

7 in / 18 cm

Height - Overall

48" in / 122 cm (Maximum)
42" in / 107 cm (Minimum)

Height - Minimum for Transport

24.5" in / 62 cm (Minimum)

Height - Seat - Bicycle

21" in - 24" in from Base Deck
28" in - 31" in from Ground

Height - Seat - Folding Mobility

15" in - 18" in from Base Deck
22" in - 25" in from Ground

Depth - Seat - Bicycle

12.75" W x 10" Depth x 11" H

Depth - Seat - Folding Mobility

16.0" W x 14" Depth x 14" H

Seat Post Diameter - Approx.

1.25" in / 3.5 cm Diameter

Turning Radius

22" in / 55 cm

Tire Type

Pneumatic Air-Filled Tires

Rim Type

Aluminum Alloy

OEM Spec










Weight with Batteries

95 lbs / 43 kg

Weight without Batteries

64 lbs / 29 kg

Weight-Battery Pack

31 lbs / 15 kg

Weight-Front Tiller Column

35 lbs / 16 kg

Weight - Base

29 lbs / 13 kg

Weight - Seat Assembly

13 lbs / 6 kg (Bicycle)
13 lbs / 6 kg (Folding Mobility)

Battery Type & Battery Power

Sealed Lead Acid-AGM
20Ah Standard

Brake System

Manual Disc Brake

Climbing Angle (Max. Recommended)


Charger Type & Time

24 V / 2 amp  //  6-8 hrs


500 Watt

Driving Range w/Std. Batts. (*)

15 - 20 Mi / 24 - 32 Km

Load Capacity

300 lbs  / 136 kg (Standing)
250 lbs / 114 kg (Bicycle Seat)
220 lbs / 100 kg (Folding Mobility Seat)

Motor (750 kw = 1 hp) & Drive Location

500 Watt Hub Motor // Front Wheel Drive

Speed - Maximum

15 mph / 24 kmh

Basket Type & Weight Capacity

Black or Silver Wire

Basket Dimensions

17.75" L x 10.25" W x 10"H
Basket Weight: 2.75 lbs



Control - Display Type

Needle Gauge
Leg Room-Bicycle Seat

10" in / 25.4 cm

Leg Room - Folding Mobility Seat

9" in / 23 cm

Light Type

LED - Headlight
Seat Type - Bicycle Seat

Oversized Bicycle Base 
w/Spring Suspension

Seat Type - Folding Mobility Seat

Mobility Seat w/Folding Backrest
Seat Swivel?


Tiller Type Folding Post w/Handlebars

Throttle Control Type

Helmet - Use Recommended

Use at All Times


The Stand-N-Ride With No Seat.
The Stand-N-Ride Tiller & Cup Holder.
The Stand-N-Ride With Mobility Seat & Front Basket.
The Stand-N-Ride Controls.
The Stand-N-Ride Portability.
The Stand-N-Ride Head Light.
The Large Rear Wheels Provid A Smother Ride.
The Anti Tip Wheels Add Safety And Are A Standard Feature On The Stand-N-Ride.
Front Disk Braking System Is Top Of The Line Allowing For A Smooth Stop Every Time.

>>> Stand & Ride Video <<<


One Full Year In Home Service Limited Warranty.

Your new scooter comes with a full One Year In Home Service Warranty. Stop worrying about who would repair your scooter or how you would get your scooter to them. This warranty has you covered! We will send a trained professional repair technician directly to your home in the event your scooter should need repair. We cover the entire United States. The map below indicates the location of our service affiliates.

Personalize your new scooter. Its Free & Easy, Simply select letter of font style below you like and enter it in the order form along with the name or text you would like to use to personalize your new scooter.




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  We include a Oxygen Tank Holder Free with the purchase of this scooter. This Oxygen Tank Holder will hold most any size tank. The chart shown on the left indicates with a red arrow all tank sizes this tank holder will accommodate. Also included free are all items listed below.

Stand-N-Ride-2 Scooter


Stand-N-Ride-2 Scooter
Qty: Price: $975.

Select Color:
Only Available In Midnight Black

Cup Holder:
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Cup Holder

Cane Holder:
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Cane Holder

Heavy Duty Rear Basket:
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Heavy Duty Rear Basket

Orange Foldable Safety Flag:
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Orange Foldable Safety Flag

High Performance Batteries Set Of Two:
No Thank You
High Performance Batteries Set Of Two

Nylon Arm Bag:
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Nylon Arm Bag

Home Charger:
No Thank You
Home Charger

Automotive Car Charger:
No Thank You
Automotive Car Charger

Collapsible Umbrella With Mounting Bracket:
No Thank You.
Collapsible Umbrella With Bracket

Oxygen Tank Holder:
No Thank You.
Oxygen Tank Holder

Set Of Two Mirrors:
No Thank You.
Set Of Two Mirrors

All Weather Nylon Scooter Cover:
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All Weather Nylon Scooter Cover

Front Basket:
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Front Basket

Mobility Seat Option:
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Mobility Seat Option

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All Scooters 3 Wheel 4 Wheel XL Scooters Portable Brands  


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