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The Stair Stepper Power Chair Is A Revolutionary Product Allowing A User To Climb Up & Down A Stair Way.


The basic concept of the Chair Stepper By Top Chair-S ® stair-climbing wheelchair is simple : it climbs stairs going backwards and goes downstairs forwards, while the seat always remains horizontal to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.  This animated film will help you better visualize just exactly how it works.

Now, with the help of Chair Stepper, going up and down stairs with a wheelchair is no longer a dream.  A sophisticated system of infrared monitors detects the first and last steps and positions the wheels appropriately – completely automatically.  Very easy to use, the wheelchair uses a standard joystick and only requires pushing one button to go into stair-climbing mode.



One of the many advantages of the Chair Stepper-S® stair-climbing wheelchair is that it can, in most instances, be used without the need for any modification of buildings, or for another person to be there to help.

However, if the user is unable to operate the chair by themselves for any reason, assistant controls can be installed to allow safe and east operation by a third party.


The TopChair-S® climbs stairs going backwards and goes downstairs forwards.  The seat always remains horizontal ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.


To Climb Stairs

Positioning the wheelchair at the base of the staircase, press on the « Stairs Mode » button.  The system raises the front wheels and activates the caterpillar track motors (the tracks are now resting on the floor).

Pulling the joystick backwards, the system automatically detects the first steps and raises the rear wheels.  The wheelchair is now completely resting on the caterpillar tracks.  All the user needs to do in order to continue climbing the stairs is to pull the joystick backwards.

When the wheelchair arrives at the top, the system detects the last step and, in turn, lowers the rear and front wheels to de-activate “Stairs Mode”.


To Go Downstairs 

Positioning the wheelchair at the top of the stairs, press on the « Stairs Mode » button.  The system raises the front wheels and activates the caterpillar track motors.

Pushing the joystick gently forwards, and when the center of gravity has gone beyond the edge of the first step, the system automatically stops the wheelchair in order to raise the rear wheels.  When this operation is complete, all the user needs to do to descend the stairs is to push the joystick forward again.

When the wheelchair arrives at the bottom, the system automatically stops the wheelchair and lowers, in turn, the front and rear wheels.




Our Chair Stepper-S® wheelchair has an infrared detection system on board that continuously checks the angle of the seat and adjusts the actuators to ensure it is always horizontal.

The infrared system also checks the position of the wheelchair relative to the axis of the stairway.  When the wheelchair exceeds a certain sideways angle, the system automatically halts the caterpillar track causing the problem.  By subsequently briefly pushing the joystick forward, the system activates the appropriate track and straightens the wheelchair.

Finally, this control system checks the speed at which the user is going up or down the stairs.  When the speed exceeds safe operating limits, the system stops the caterpillar tracks, indicating to the user he / she must slow down.


The Chair Stepper By TopChair Has Both Brake Lights As Well As Turn Signals.
The Rear Lights Are Powerful Led Lights Highly Impact Resistant And Can Last For Over Fifty Years.
The Lighting System Is Controlled Through The Joystick Controller, Making it simple to operate by most any User.
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Here is a video of our wheelchair in action :


The Chair Stepper By Top Chair-S® wheelchair can be used by any person with limited mobility (*) who up until now has not been able to go out because of a few steps in their way, in order to:
  • Go shopping
  • Go to work
  • Visit with family and friends
  • Go to school


Our client base is varied. People of all ages, all backgrounds and with all types of handicap:

The teenager, handicapped from birth, who needs to go down five steps in order to leave his house and go to school. There is not enough room for a ramp.,
The diplomat, handicapped following an accident, who has 7 steps to go up in order to reach his office. The building is a listed building and the entrance cannot be adapted for handicapped access,
The worker, who has a degenerative disease and who lives on the second floor without a lift, and who needs to get out to go to work,
The lawyer who must attend hearings in Court - a listed building where handicapped access is impossible
None of these people could go around living their lives in this way, without their TopChair-S®.




A Little Background
TopChair was born from the idea to build a wheelchair that is able to go up and down stairs without any help from other people.

The initial concept was simple enough : to use rubber caterpillar tracks to go up and down the steps, while keeping the seat in a horizontal position.

From this early concept, the fist prototype was developed with the help of funding by a French Government agency, ANVAR. With further help from the Paris Regional government and in partnership with the Engineering School of Toulouse (L’ICAM), the design was able to be finalized, tested and made ready for use by people with limited mobility. The whole project began in 2002, when the company was known as « HMC2Développement”.

With overall performance on the road comparing very favorably with other powered wheelchairs on the market, TopChair is also, currently, the only wheelchair capable of going up and down stairs and steps without help from other people.

TopChair SAS has won a number of awards :

Tremplin Entreprises, co-organised by the French Senate and the ESSEC business school
Fondation ALTRAN for Innovation
The OSEO-Anvar Prize at the International Innovation Show in Geneva









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