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C-300 Fixed Ceiling Lift



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Prism Medical C-300 Fixed Ceiling Lift

Designed for use in the home, the C-300 is the most affordable ceiling lift available. Compact and weighing just over five pounds, the C-300 can lift up to 300 lbs. Its unique detachable, quick-connection system makes moving it between track.

As the C-300 works with Prism Medical Canada's FST-300 and all other types of installed fixed track systems, the C-300 fits a wide range of situations, making it ideal for all of your home care needs. The C-300 provides a permanent or temporary solution in residential and home care environments, and additionally, can even provide a solution for unique short-term rental needs.

For safe patient handling and patient transfers, the C-300's exceptionally low cost and minimal maintenance requirements make it the perfect equipment choice.


Product Highlights

Safe working load of 300 lbs. (136 kgs.)
Long strap length allows transfers from low beds
Safety mechanisms: over speed governor, built-in load limits, slack tape sensor
Lightest, easily installed lift available
Faster Hi-Lo operation than many other lifts
Hand control & quick-charge plug are ergonomic & easy simple to use
Carry bar fits wide range of people and sling styles
Available with 360 detachable, track connector for easy transport
Most affordable ceiling lift available

Technical Specifications

Weighs slightly over 5 lbs.
Tested to ISO medical device standards (ISO Z-10535) for safe lift and transfers
Average lift speed of 1.8 inches per sec
Charging required between 1 to 2 times a week (over 25 lift cycles at 300 lbs. load)
Audio/visual low battery indicators
Color coded battery light indicates charging required; batteries always retain enough power to complete a transfer.
New lower cost technology and innovative design reduces cost of ownership
Detachable, quick connect option makes it easy to transfer the C-300 between locations.
Strap length of 72 inches allows wide lift range within most 9 foot ceiling height







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Prism Medical C-300 Fixed Ceiling Lift




Prism Medical C-300 Fixed Ceiling Lift

Qty: Price: $2289


C300 Consumer Ceiling Lift - Detachable
C300 Consumer Ceiling Lift w/ QRS - Add $103

Sling Options (Pick One):
Small Universal Sling -
Medium Universal Sling -
Large Universal Sling -
Xtra Large Universal Sling - Add $148

Small Hammock Sling -
Medium Hammock Sling -
Large Hammock Sling -
Xtra Large Hammock Sling - Add $148

Small Toileting Sling -
Medium Toileting Sling -
Large Toileting Sling -
Xtra Large Toileting Sling - Add $148

No Sling Needed

Battery Backup:
Battery Backup -
No Thank You

Carry Bar:
C-Series Standard Carry Bar - Add $239
C-Series Carry Bar with Easy Swivel - Add $255
C Series Quick Release Carry Bar - Add $219

Shackle Arm Assembly:
Shackle Arm Assembly - Add $161
Shackle Arm Assembly with Carry Bar - Add $473
No Thank You

Weigh Scale Kit:
Weigh Scale Hook Assembly Only - Add $139
Scale Only - Add $1415
Fixed Weigh Scale Kit (Scale-Carry Bar-Hardware) - Add $1866
Shackle Arm Scale Assembly Kit (Scale-Carry Bar-Hardware-Hook) - Add $1894
No Thank You

Mid-Track Charger Station:
C-Series Mid-Track Charger Station - Add $138
C-Series Mid-Track Charger Station with Endstop Assembly - Add $274
No Thank You

Hand Control Wall Box:
Hand Control Wall Box - Add $36
No Thank You

Multiport Turntable:
Powered Multiport Turntable for Track System - Add $2426
No Thank You

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Prism Medical C-300 Fixed Ceiling Lift


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