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The PTA is a compact, portable, easy to use patient transport device for transferring individuals between sitting positions on a bed, wheelchair, car, chair, etc.. It requires very little effort on the part of the attendant, thereby preventing the back injuries common when performing these transfers unassisted.
Unlike other sling-transfer devices on the market, the patient is not left dangling from a hook. The short, stable sling feels natural and very secure during transport. there is no need for another attendant to steady the patient during transport.



The PTA's base may be spread to fit around the outside of a standard wheelchair for maximum stability...or the legs may be placed foreword for maneuvering in tight spaces or through standard doorways.

Our split sling allows access to a patients clothing and undergarments for toileting...

The lift folds up neatly into a compact size for storage or travel. Once folded, the lift can be rolled along just like a piece of rolling luggage. It may also be separated into two pieces weighing less than 25 pounds each when necessary.
  The Only Sling Lift That Works With A Car.

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The lift transfers patients in a very natural, comfortable and dignified manner, allowing it to be used comfortably outside the home, as well as inside.

Weighing only about 46 pounds, its light weight makes it easy and convenient to take it with you.

The lifts' legs can be placed either straight ahead or spread apart for transfers, or folded in for storage. When folded, it fits easily in the trunk of a car without disassembly, and can be unfolded for use in seconds.

Its small size allows it to maneuver easily in tight spaces.

With the lifts' legs and support arms folded, the lift can be rolled like rolling luggage, and stored in a closet or car trunk.

Very little effort is required to turn the crank to lift a patient.

Either the patient or attendant may raise and lower the lift by turning the conveniently accessible crank, allowing the patient to participate in the transfer process if desired.

We offer a money-back guarantee. Please review our policies in our Order Info area.

Weight Capacity:300 lbs.
Lift Weight: Approx. 46 lbs.
May also be separated into two parts weighing under 25 pounds each if necessary.

Lift Size
Folded: 25 in. Wide, 13 in. Deep, 37 in. Tall
Legs Open: 25 in. Wide, 30 in. Deep, 37 in. Tall
Legs Spread:39 in. Wide, 30 in. Deep, 37 in. Tall
Cranking Force: Less than 6 lbs.

Lifting Range:
Minimum Seat Height: Approx. 12 in.
Maximum Seat Height: Approx. 32 in.

Please note:

The PTA is intended for transferring between sitting positions. When transferring from/to surfaces without a back support, individuals should have sufficient upper body balance to support themselves in a sitting position prior to and after transferring.



Qty: Price: $2389.

Split Sling $115.
Seat Sling $75.
Extension Straps Optional Use With Seat Sling $50.

Select Shipping:
Standard Ground $138.
Three Day Air $293.





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