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Power LifeGuard Lift


Why Use LifeGuard Lift?

The LifeGuard Power Lift can move easily between a pool and spa.
The LifeGuard Power Lift is simple to set up, disassemble or store away.
The LifeGuard Power Lift can ship UPS and will be delivered right to your door.


ADA Frequently Asked Questions


What is the “ADA”?

The ADA is a Federal civil rights law for people with disabilities, comparable to civil rights laws passed in the 1960s for other minorities. It covers employment, state and local government services, public accommodations, and telecommunications for the deaf.


What is a “public accommodation”?

Public accommodations are any place, building, or outdoor space that a member of the public can enter with or without a fee. It does not include “private clubs” and operations owned or operated by religious entities.

Categories of public accommodations listed in the ADA are:

  • Places of lodging (hotel, motel, apartment complex)
  • establishments serving food and drinks
  • places of exhibition or entertainment
  • places of gathering
  • sale or rental establishments
  • service establishments
  • stations used for public display or collection
  • places of exercise or recreation
  • places of education
  • social service centers

What must a public accommodation do, or not do, under the ADA?

A public accommodation under the ADA cannot deny goods or services because a person has a disability or is with a disabled person, cannot offer only unequal or separate benefits, and must offer services in the most integrated setting.


May a public accommodation screen the disabled?

A public accommodation must not use eligibility criteria or standards that screen out, or tend to screen out, persons with disabilities.


What are the access requirements for public accommodations?

A newly constructed or designed or altered accommodation must meet all of the physical access requirements of the ADA Access Guidelines (ADAAG - Final Guidelines).


If a public accommodation is not newly constructed or designed, and it is not altered, is it fda exempt?

No. An existing public accommodation facility which has not undergone, or is not undergoing, alterations must be made accessible if it is “readily achievable”, meaning, under the ADA, “without much difficulty or expense”.


What are some examples of “readily achievable”?

Ramps, curb ramps, widening doorways, putting tactile markers on elevators, swimming pool lifts, etc. Even if compliance is not readily achievable, an existing facility must then provide the service in an alternative manner.








  • Meets or Exceeds ADA Regulations for All 50 States
  • Includes Arm Rest, Safety Belt, Oversize Seat for Comfort & Safety, Public Notice Sign, and Anchor
  • Waterproof Wireless Remote Controller
  • Rotation of 360 degrees
  • 350 lb. Capacity


For people looking for a Non ADA residential power lift with more range to lift a person into a above ground pool at half the price we recommend the Triton. Click Here to view Triton info.




Includes: Power Lift w/Single Digital Controller, Locking Control Box,

Safety Belt, Arm Rest & Anchor


100287 LifeGuard Power Pool Lift

100287 LifeGuard Power Pool Lift
Qty: Price: $2995.

Select Anchor:
016000 Standard Anchor $129.
016100 Stainless Steel Anchor $219.

025570 Lift Cover $295.
025050 Extra Battery $79.
025554 Wireless Controller Free

Select Shipping:
Standard Ground Free
Express Shipping Not Available





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