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SARA Lite Standing and Raising Aid



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Simply enhancing quality of life

Care routines with a lighter touch
SARA Lite is a battery-powered standing and raising aid designed to raise and lower semi-dependent residents for transfers and toileting. The lift can be operated safely and efficiently by a single caregiver. Weighing just 130 lbs (59 kg) SARA Lite is an easy-to-use solution with the flexibility to benefit a wide range of healthcare settings. 

Resident benefits
Optimum stimulation SARA Lite, intended for semi-dependent residents like Carl, helps stimulate and maintain mobility for as long as possible.
Full support transfers are performed safely and gently with full support. The sling, with a double-fastening chest strap, maximizes resident comfort.
Extra security if a resident requires additional security, the knee strap ensures that the knees are positioned safely and correctly. 

Caregiver benefits
Safer handling SARA Lite makes caregivers everyday care routines easier and safer, as no manual lifting is needed.
Ergonomic routines every aspect of the machine is ergonomically designed to ensure ergonomic and comfortable working postures.
Improved efficiency transfers to and from the toilet, chair, and edge of the bed or wheelchair can be performed efficiently under handset control.

SARA Lite - Product Specification

Powered standing and raising aid
Safe working load: 385 lbs (175 kg)
Powered opening and closing of chassis
Dual controls for easy operation
Low-friction castors, the rear two with brakes
Emergency stop and system failure override
Kneepad adjustable, both vertically and laterally 
Foot plate ensures stability and safety with anti-slip properties
Detachable 24V high-capacity battery, including low-charge indicator, to be charged in separate charger
Battery discharge indicator (BDI), displays remaining power and indicates when the battery needs charging.



Typical usage for bed to standing position:

Typical usage for chair to standing position:

Patient must be capable of bearing some weight in the standing position as seen in the diagrams above. Feet are planted on the foot board, knees are braced against the padded knee board, and patient is lifted with the strap under the arms and across the back. Patient can hold onto handlebars, the lift does all the work. The motion of the lift stretches the body out while lifting. Users that are unable to hold onto hand grips may experience sensation of "hanging" in the air and may be uncomfortable. At it's highest lift point patient remains slightly tilted back so that weight is maintained in the sling and back. This prevents falling forward. Once lifted, patent is easily lowered onto a toilet, bedside commode, wheelchair or chair.

Transferring from bed:
Caregiver must be able to get patient into a sitting position on the side of the bed. Stand Up Lift Slings do not work from a prone position.




Arjohuntleigh SARA Lite Standing and Raising Aid Model: HOA0001




Arjohuntleigh SARA Lite Standing and Raising Aid Model: HOA0001

Qty: Price: $4797.


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Optional Standing Clip Sling:
Standing Sling Roll - Add $250
Standing Sling Flat - Add $350

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Arjohuntleigh SARA Lite

Standing and Raising Aid

Model: HOA0001


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