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The fundamental aim of Maxi Move is to be “best on basics”. Using Maxi Move you gain a safer, more efficient solution for the basic tasks of patient handling – lifting and repositioning. The system offers two unique features – SVS (Stable Vertical System) and Powered DPS (Dynamic Positioning System), which together provide the safest, most comfortable basis for complete transfers – from the initial lift through to effortless fine-tuning of the patient’s posture.

This battery-powered passive sling lifter allows a single caregiver to safely manage a wide range of patient handling routines. With unrivalled flexibility, stability and reliability, Maxi Move is the best-equipped lifter for intensive use in demanding healthcare environments.


FLEXIBILITY for the diverse challenges of everyday care:

  • The Combi attachment enables smooth switching between different spreader bars
  • Choose the optimum patient interface from the widest spreader bar range in the market
  • Select the appropriate sling from the most comprehensive range available

STABILITY for safe, comfortable transfers:

  • A vertical lifting action, SVS (Stable Vertical System), means safer routines
  • DPS spreader bars help to prevent the sling from swinging during transfers
  • Excellent stability allows the lifting of heavy patients weighing up to 500 lbs (227 kg) 

RELIABILITY for good quality care routines at all times:

  • A product with proven endurance; the actuator is tested for thousands of cycles
  • Maxi Move has high-quality powered features that the caregiver and patient can rely on
  • The Maxi Move is supplied with two batteries as standard, allowing reliable use 24 hours a day

Friendly styling with smooth lines and a pleasing design has been a priority for the new Maxi Move. The rounded exterior is easy on the eye, easy to clean and reflects the smooth operating procedures. 


New features

With a new built-in electronic scale and a control handset enhanced with a display screen, Maxi Move now provides even greater opportunities to improve the quality of care. A new visual user guide on the mast offers convenient assistance to the caregiver.


Improving life for caregivers and patients
Would you like to give patients safer, more comfortable handling, while making care routines smoother and more efficient? Would you like to provide a healthier, more ergonomic working environment for caregivers? Maxi Move can help to accomplish both objectives.


Total solutions
The benefits of the Maxi Move are maximized when it operates in optimum conditions for efficient, quality care. ArjoHuntleigh offers complete Safe Patient Handling Solutions for your facility. ArjoHuntleigh is the ideal partner to help ensure a safer and more secure environment for your patients and your staff.


Maxi Move - Product Specification


Battery-operated height-adjustable sling lift.

  • Safe working load: 500 lbs (228 kg)
  • Positioning handle for precise handling during the transfer
  • SVS (Stable Vertical System) which comprises of: vertical lift, anti-swing, jib, pivot point spreader bar attached and clip sling design
  • Ergonomically designed maneuvering handle
  • Slings with a body-contoured design for maximum comfort, available in seven sizes:
    XS to XXL and color-coded for ease of use
  • Color-coded bar chart on the spreader bar for identification of the correct sling size
  • Sling attachment to spreader bar with a four-point keyhole clip system
  • Electrical opening chassis operated via the handset control
  • A Battery Discharge Indicator with colored display to indicate the power left in the battery
  • Audible warning signal also to indicate that the battery requires changing
  • Handset to provide complete control when working with residents/patients
  • Secondary operating controls mounted on the mast
  • A Service Indicator measured in hours gives accurate actuator usage, indicating service requirements


  • Battery charging station - for charging two batteries at once
  • Integrated scale unit
  • Extended jib (for maximum reach)
  • Stretcher unit using soft stretcher, scoop stretcher and strap stretcher
  • Two-point spreader bar for use with Walking Jackets for rehabilitation and loop slings for use with residents/patients with leg contractions
  • Large Powered DPS (Dynamic Positioning System) spreader bar for heavier patients/residents, also available in Medium
  • Open style small DPS spreader bar for children and small adults
  • New comprehensive range of loop spreader bars, small and medium open design, large wide spreader bar for the heavier residents/patients, and flat for use with the Walking Jacket for rehabilitation.


Maxi Move - Technical Information

Max. safe working load (SWL) 227 kg (500 lbs.)
Max. SWL if equipped with extended jib: 130 kg (287 lbs.)
Weight (incl. combi jib + medium PDPS + battery) 70 kg (154 lbs.)
Lifting stroke 1315 mm (51 ¾”)
Min. lifting height (medium DPS) 225 mm (8 ¾”)
Max. lifting height (medium DPS) 1540 mm (60 ¾”)
Height of chassis 117 mm (4 ½”)
With low height castors 86 mm (3 ½”)
External width legs closed 717 mm (28 ¼”)
Internal width legs open 1160 mm (45 ¾”)
Protection Class Lifter IPX4
Handset IPX7
Battery 24 V, 5.5 Ah sealed lead acid





Demo Video



Arjohuntleigh Maxi Move Power Patient Lift Model: KMCSXN




Arjohuntleigh Maxi Move Power Patient Lift

Qty: Price: $5957.


Maxi Move without Scale Medium Manual DPS
Maxi Move with Scale Medium Manual DPS - Add $1435
Maxi Move with Scale Medium Power DPS - Add $2425
Maxi Move without Scale Medium Power DPS - Add $990

Battery with LCD - Add $385
Cherger with LCD - Add $500

Sling Options (Pick One):
Small Universal Sling -
Medium Universal Sling -
Large Universal Sling -
Xtra Large Universal Sling - Add $148
Small Hammock Sling -
Medium Hammock Sling -
Large Hammock Sling -
Xtra Large Hammock Sling - Add $148
Small Toileting Sling -
Medium Toileting Sling -
Large Toileting Sling -
Xtra Large Toileting Sling - Add $148

Battery Backup:
No Thank You
Battery Backup -

Low Height

Hanger Bars:
2-Point Large for the Walking Jacket - Add $370
2-Point Medium Combi - Add $300
4-Point Large Combi - Add $370
4-Point Large Combi with DPS - Add $1425
4-Point Medium Combi with DPS - Add $925.00
4-Point Small Combi - Add $890

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Arjohuntleigh Maxi Move Power Patient Lift



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