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Door operator


The Private-Door Duo

Experience The Convenience Of Your Own Personal

Door Operator

Private-Door enhances your life and simplifies your day by removing the barriers that doors become.  With remote control convenience, you can open the entrance door to your home and avoid fumbling for keys when you are carrying a child or articles.  With Private-Door, the door to your home will not be an obstacle to your independence and freedom of movement.  The Private-Door Duo requires an electric strike release to be installed. Electric strike releases are best suited when a door is being completely replaced and do not work well with retro-fits. To avoid a strike release see The Private-Door System


The Private-Door Duo is designed to automate the entrance doors to houses and townhouses at an affordable price.




� Two Year Warranty.
� Optional Remote Control Available.
� 12-Volt Wiring eliminates expensive electrical wiring.
� Obstruction Sensing stops door if contact with an obstruction occurs.
� "Free Float System" permits the normal manual operation of the door.
� Components virtually disappear when painted or stained.
� Easy to install with simple hand tools.
� Retro-fits virtually any existing door up to 36 inches and 100 pounds.
� Obstruction Sensing.
� Zero Resistance: Private-Door powers the door on the open and close cycle.  No spring closers needed as some competitors' operators require.
� Minimum Force: Private-Door is designed to use a surprisingly small amount of power to reliably automate a full size door.

The Private-Door Duo requires no high-voltage wiring.
Requires an Electric Strike Release.





How the Private-Door Duo Operates






Step 1: Push the remote control button to activate the Private-Door.

Step 2: The Electric Strike Release operates.
The electric strike release receives an impulse from the Private-Door, releasing the door latch. To read more about the Private-Door Retracting Strike release,
click here.

To avoid the complicated installation an electric strike release requires, see the Private-Door System.


Step 2: The Door Assist pushes the door out of the weather stripping.
 �The Private-Door Assist� will break the weather stripping's seal and push the door out of the doorframe into the �ajar position.�


Step 3: The Solo opens the door.



Step 1: The Solo closes the door to the ajar position.



Step 2: The Door Assist pushes the door completely shut.
The Private-Door Assist will seal the door against the weather-stripping.


Powered by a safe 12-Volt plug-in transformer.

Private-Door does not require high voltage wiring. Private-Door is powered by a transformer that plugs into a convenient wall outlet.



Traditional electric strike releases use a solenoid that releases a hinged plate that swings out of the way to provide clearance for the door latch. The Private-Door Retracting Strike is designed with an internal motor that pushes (retracts) the door latch into the door. The door latch is retracted the same as if the handle was turned. Because the Private-Door Electric Strike retracts the door latch it maintains a stronger level of security then a traditional strike release. Because Private-Door Electric Strike retracts the latch, the wood door frame and its trim does not need to be cut for clearance. This feature provides a cleaner appearance. Unlike a traditional strike release, the Private-Door Retracting Strike also fits into a standard ANSI 4 7/8" metal door frame.


Private Door Duo

Private Door Duo

Remote & 2 Door Bell Type Buttons
One Additional Remote $57.
Two Additional Remotes $114.
One Commercial Round Stainless Steel Wall Plate $128.
Two Commercial Round Stainless Steel Wall Plate $256.


Standard Ground
Three Day Air $89.

$50. Instant Rebate Now!
$50. Rebate By Receiving A Refund Check By Mail






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