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Height adjustable bathtub - TR Comfortline II



The TR Comfortline II is a free standing, height adjustable bathtub designed for a satisfying and relaxed bathing experiences. Used in conjunction with the TR9650 CombiLift, the Comfortline is easily accessible from either side or the head end of the bathtub. Attendants will benefit from the Comfortline’s ergonomic design and efficient bathing cycle. Simple installation of the Comfortline allows it to be positioned in almost any central bathing areas or bathrooms.

Controls have been designed with simplicity in mind and the smooth design makes it easy to clean and maintain.



MORE THAN JUST BATHING – the Comfortline II provides superior bathing experiences

The pleasingly simple design provides a more traditional visual approach to bathing, yet it is available with options that can offer the user into soothing bathing experiences.


Adjustable Air Spa – Air bubbles from integrated jets stimulate blood circulation and provide calming environment for relaxation.
LED Color Light System – The Comfortline’s underwater lighting system can be adjusted to project different wave length’s of color providing a soothing effect that creates a pleasant bathing experience.
Music Sound Wave System – Integrated MP3 player with smart card module and eight speakers provide a relaxing musical mood enhancing environment for the bather. All MP3 files can be played in the Comfortline, whether it is therapeutic music, relaxing sounds from nature or a bather’s favorite piece.

The HiLo bathtub with different options, integrated with the TR 9650 mobile patient combilift, with chair and stretcher, completes a safe, labour efficient, person oriented bath cycle and fulfils staff expectations with regards to the “No lift policy”. The resident never leaves the comfort and security of the stretcher or chair during the entire bathing cycle.


- TR Comfortline II Height adjustable bathtub
- TR ECOLINE Fixed height bathtub
(with or without thermostatic mixer)


Wellness Options TR COMFORTLINE II
- AIR-SPA system with twelve nozzles
- LED Color Light System
- Music, sound wave system - Integrated MP3 player with eight speakers
- Autofill with two different pre-set levels


- Cleaning/disinfection system
- Bathtub and bathtub panels in optional RAL - Color


Length 2080 mm / 82"
Width 780 mm / 31"
Height settings from/to 650-1000 mm / 26"-40"
Control Hand control
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz / 110V, 60 Hz






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